You're told to create data-driven HR practices, but you might not feel like you have the analytical chops to get there. Where do you start? How can you use the data at your fingertips to make smart business decisions?

Have no fear! This handy beginner's guide offers an easy-to-follow overview of HR data analytics, including:

  • What is HR analytics?
  • Why HR analytics?
  • Who can do HR analytics?
  • Must-know terminology
  • 8 steps to follow for any HR analytics project

With the help of this guide, you'll be on your way to shaping data-driven business decisions that have positive and lasting impact—and elevating your HR team's value as an important strategic business partner.

This guide also includes:

  • Putting it into practice: a sample application of HR analytics
  • A printable HR analytics project checklist
  • 3 keys to success with HR analytics



The Beginners Guide to HR Analytics

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