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Goal Setting Worksheets for Productive Teams

4.19.18 by Libby Duong
Developing Employees, Managers, OKRs and Goals, Performance,

The most productive people and organizations set goals. Why? Because goals detail and clarify the journey toward that productivity. Think of a goal like a road map: you may know your end destination ($50 million in revenue, for example), but without the directions, a destination is all but worthless.


Of course, figuring out each and every part of your goal (road map) is no easy feat. You have to think intentionally about your actions, your timeline, and keep in mind the others involved. With a lot on your plate already, setting detailed, specific goals might be the last thing on your to-do list.

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Growing Pains: 5 HR Mantras to Successfully Combine Combative Cultures

4.6.18 by Christina Thompson
Culture, Leadership, Teamwork,

Mergers and acquisitions are tough, and that’s putting it mildly. There are new security clearances to be doled out, new email addresses to be assigned, and new responsibilities for someone to take over. Even if the merger or acquisition is exciting, the process itself is rarely a joyful experience. And this is all assuming that the organizations’ cultures are fairly similar.


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