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2019 Employee Voice Award Nominees Announced

2.1.19 by Jarah Banks

OMAHA, Neb. (Feb. 1, 2019) – Each year, we at Quantum Workplace host our Best Places to Work contest, which recognizes the top 20 organizations for their distinction in employee engagement with the Employee Voice Award. We define employee engagement as the strength of mental and emotional...

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Authenticity: One of the Most Important Qualities of a Good Manager

1.31.19 by Dan Hoppen

At some point in your career, you’ve likely had that boss – the one who treats every employee the same and doesn’t make any effort to develop relationships. They see employees as means to an end, instead of as individuals with unique personalities, backgrounds, and needs. These are not qualities...

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5 Reasons Why Statistical Significance Doesn't Belong In Engagement Survey Software

1.29.19 by Dan Harris, Ph.D.

If you’ve ever been in a meeting about metrics or results and heard someone ask the question “But is it statistically significant?”, please read this entire post.


If you've ever asked, “But is it statistically significant?”, please read this entire post.


If you think you know what...

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5 Reasons Managers Need to Take Better Notes During One-on-One Conversations

1.23.19 by Matt Dougherty
Developing Employees,

In order to effectively coach employees, you need to have an ongoing dialogue that provides updates on progress, facilitates development, and keeps both parties on the same page. We encourage managers to meet with each employee at least monthly, if not weekly, to develop a greater understanding...

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4 Types of One-on-Ones You Should be Having

1.21.19 by Tate Morrison

Think about the last one-on-one you had with your manager: You probably discussed your performance, but did you cover anything else? That’s exactly where the problem lies: one-on-ones often center around performance when, in reality, they can, and should, be about a lot more.


Managers can do...

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