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[HR Calendar Template] for Employee Engagement Throughout the Year

12.6.19 by Libby Duong
Employee Engagement, Company Culture


"By failing to prepare, you're preparing to fail."


Benjamin Franklin's famous words ring true in all walks of life: if you don't put effort into an upcoming endeavor, it's probably not going to work out as you planned. This certainly rings true with employee engagement.



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How Fossil Group Simplified Performance Management

12.5.19 by Jocelyn Stange
Performance Management

At a time when the retail industry was undergoing rapid change and increased competition, Fossil Group knew they needed to find more efficient and effective ways to keep their managers focused on performance management and results.


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How to Boost Emotional Wellness at Work

12.3.19 by Jocelyn Stange
Company Culture, Research & Trends

Emotional wellness at work is important. Our emotions can have a big impact on our work and on our relationships at work. So, it’s not exactly breaking news that positive employee emotions would have a positive influence on the workplace.

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3 New Manager Training Topics to Empower Your Managers

11.26.19 by Jocelyn Stange
Research & Trends, Talent Development

People managers should understand how to grow and develop their employeesTheir ability to engage, coach, and develop their direct reports is an essential skill, but these skills don’t always come naturally.

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How to Run a Focus Group: Employee Focus Group Best Practices

11.21.19 by Kristin Ryba
Employee Engagement, Employee Feedback

There is no better way to source fresh (and effective) workplace ideas than asking your employees.


Employee focus groups are a great way to gather employee feedback. This feedback can help ensure you’re building strategies that will have a true impact. But if you’re a focus group beginner, you...

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The What, Why, and Who of HR Analytics

11.19.19 by Todd Pernicek
Employee Engagement, Research & Trends

You’re told to create data-driven HR practices, but you might not feel like you have the analytical chops to get there. You’re not alone!


A recent study by Deloitte says that while 71% of companies think people analytics is important, only 8% report having usable data. And only 9% think they...

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