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6 Ways to Use Employee Feedback as a Change Management Tool

11.20.17 by Christina Laubenthal
Leadership, Managers,

As an organization, you have, you are, and you will encounter many types of organizational change. There is no way to escape the perpetual motion of a living and breathing company, and if you are to succeed in the business world, you don’t want to try. You need the right change management tools in order to build resiliency, exercise creativity, and cut out organizational cancer.


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How to Celebrate Birthdays at Work 101

11.17.17 by Christina Laubenthal

In times of tight budgets, busy schedules, or expanding waistlines, it can seem easier to skip office birthday celebrations than endure another afternoon in the company breakroom eating frosting-covered, chocolate-flavored cardboard.

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5 Ways to Prepare Your People Strategy for High Growth—Backed by Science

11.15.17 by Hilary Wright
Leadership, Recognition, Turnover & Retention,

High-growth firms experience unique challenges, especially when it comes to scaling a people strategy that engages and retains employees. This is evident in our recent research on the middle market, America’s fastest growing sector, which found employee engagement down 11.5 percent.


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What Does the Future of Employee Engagement Look Like?

11.8.17 by Libby Duong
Exit Surveys, Managers,


Quantum Workplace is celebrating something really special. This November marks our 15th year in the employee engagement space.  Our CEO, Greg Harris reminisces, "In our first year as a company, I only had 2 small kids, George Bush was President, and people were using cell phones primarily to make phone calls." 


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Technology and Communication: 4 Obstacles to Navigate in the Workplace

Research & Trends, Teamwork,

According to new research by Quantum Workplace, almost half of survey respondents (46 percent) thought technology assisted communication (email, texting, phone, etc.) was more susceptible to miscommunication than in-person communication. However, this kind of communication is unavoidable in the workplace – and becoming more and more that way.


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The Role of AI in Recruiting and Onboarding

10.30.17 by Christina Laubenthal
Recruitment & Hiring,

Twenty-five years ago, using robots to hire employees seemed like a dream that only the Jetsons could imagine. Ten years ago, it was a distant possibility. Today, artificial intelligence in HR, especially recruiting and onboarding is a reality, if not a necessity. By eliminating these tasks, artificial intelligence in the workplace is saving you time, money, and energy:

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