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What Employees Think About Inclusion in the Workplace [New Research]

10.10.19 by Kristin Ryba
Culture, Research & Trends,

Diversity and inclusion go hand-in-hand in the workplace. While diversity is about having a mix of people with differences and similarities, inclusion is about creating a fair and safe environment that supports and empowers that mix of people.

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50 Creative Solutions For Overcoming 5 Barriers To Employee Wellness

10.9.19 by Jocelyn Stange
Developing Employees, Work-Life Balance,

Employee wellness doesn’t happen by magic. And it certainly doesn’t happen overnight. You can offer the best wellness benefits in the world, but if employees must overcome barriers to employee wellness, your program will be useless.

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Quantum Workplace Announces New Performance Management App

10.7.19 by Luke Stritt
QW News,

Organizations can now build better cultures on-the-go with Quantum Workplace’s new performance management app.


The mobile app allows managers and employees to access real-time performance management features like live goal updates, peer recognition posts, and job feedback right from their...

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Measuring Employee Engagement: 6 Key Moments in the Employee Journey

10.3.19 by Kristin Ryba
Culture, Recruitment & Hiring,

Relationships are key to employee engagement and performance. Strong relationships increase happiness, loyalty, and empathy, while decreasing stress.


But relationships aren’t static. The ways employees feel about and interact with their coworkers, managers, teams, and customers are constantly...

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Who's Responsible for Your Talent Development Strategy?

9.25.19 by Jocelyn Stange
Developing Employees,

Losing top talent can be hard on your business – both financially and emotionally. On average, a company loses 1% to 2.5% of its total revenue in the time it takes to get a new hire up to speed.

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[Infographic] Key Challenges of Management and How HR Can Help

9.19.19 by Dan Harris, Ph.D.

As an HR rep, you know what it’s like to be busy and have a lot expected of you. Your managers feel the same, and they need your help.


We gathered some sobering stats about the overwhelming expectations placed on managers. With only so many hours in a day, these challenges of management may...

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