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Communication: The Key to Managing Change in the Workplace

3.7.19 by Anne Maltese

Any time an organization makes a change, it reaches a fork in the road with several differing paths. Do the employees need to know about the change? How should the change be communicated to employees? Should only part of the story be shared?


Every situation is different and carries unique...

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How HR Can Empower Management and Create Authentic Leaders

3.5.19 by Dan Hoppen

Managers walk a thin line at work. They aspire to be authentic leaders who establish meaningful relationships with their employees, yet they also need to maintain healthy boundaries so they don't show favoritism and aren't taken advantage of. Crossing that line in either direction can lead to a...

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7 Things HR Needs to Consider for First-Time Manager Training

3.1.19 by Dan Hoppen

As an HR team, you’ve identified a talented, promising up-and-comer in your organization who’s ready for a bigger role. Believing the skills they’ve shown will make them an effective leader, you promote them to manager. 


Now what? 

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How Quantum Workplace Can Help Businesses Experiencing Hypergrowth

2.26.19 by Mark Rathouz

Growth is the goal of nearly every organization. No matter the size, age, or industry, organizations want to become more productive, hire additional talent, and increase profits. But there comes a point where too much success can actually become a challenge.


This is hypergrowth – the scenario...

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How to Recognize Employees According to Their Preferences

2.21.19 by Aaron Brown

Employees are like snowflakes; no two are exactly the same. They have different personalities and varied backgrounds that shape who they are and how they work.


This diversity plays into how they prefer to be recognized as well. Many managers default to how they desire recognition, but this...

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Reasons Employee Survey Action Plans Fail

2.18.19 by Anne Maltese

At many organizations, the closing of the annual census survey represents the conclusion of employee engagement efforts until next year. The results of the survey are delivered, but it’s unclear who is responsible for them and how they will be acted on. As a result, no action is taken and...

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