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How to Overcome the Common HR Barriers to a Digital Workplace

7.9.18 by Daniel Ross
Culture, Research & Trends,


Please welcome Daniel Ross, a guest blogger from Roubler.


We are living in the digital age, and companies that are committed to being ahead of the game are embracing this fully. In fact, a digital workplace is more of a requirement than a bonus these days. Today’s businesses operate much better when measures have been taken to digitize systems and procedures so that the whole business is connected, secure, and mobile.


Despite the obvious benefits of a digital workplace, establishing this can come with certain challenges. Senior leadership and HR must be committed to overcoming such challenges so that the business can reach its digital goal.


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How to Find the Right Performance Review Software for Your Culture

7.5.18 by Christina Thompson
Culture, Performance,

Goldilocks was picky. She turned her nose up when the porridge was too hot, sent the porridge back to the kitchen when it was too cold, and only dug into that delicious sludge when the temperature was just right.  Ditto for the chair and the bed.


As an HR professional looking for your organization’s next performance review software, Goldilocks should be your role model: You job is being picky. There are budgets to consider, timelines to chase, and leader preferences to work around, and the solution has to be just right. In all that madness, however, it's easy to forget about finding a cultural fit.


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Managers Support (and Destroy!) Continuous Performance Improvement

6.22.18 by Christina Thompson
Managers, Performance, Research & Trends,

It goes without saying: managers are critical to employee performance. However, recent research by Quantum Workplace has discovered exactly how critical they are. Looking at survey results from more than 8,000 organizations and over half a million employees, we examined the roles managers play in improving performance. What did we find? Managers are, in particular, the driving force behind continuous performance improvement.


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