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How to Measure Employee Engagement the Right Way

1.21.20 by Aaron Brown
Employee Engagement, Employee Surveys

To improve employee engagement you need to know what your organization is doing well and where you can improve. Knowing how to measure employee engagement is the jumping off point for evolving your engagement strategy.


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20 Easy Employee Engagement Ideas for Managers

1.17.20 by Natalie Wickham
Employee Engagement, Managers & Leaders
To really move the needle on employee engagement, organizations have to act at the local level. There's no one-size-fits-all approach.
Your managers are in the best position to understand and improve engagement. They're on the front lines with employees day in and day out.
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Are You Creating an Inclusive Workplace?

1.16.20 by Reginald Ponder
Company Culture

Introducing guest blogger: Reginald Ponder, Thought Leader and Executive Marketing Lead for The Kaleidoscope Group.


A common myth is that diversity and inclusion is the responsibility of the D&I person. The problem with this belief is that it places the responsibility on one person or...

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How to Drive Focus for Goal Alignment and Performance Expectations

1.9.20 by Jocelyn Stange
Performance Management

To lead a successful employee performance management strategy, you need a strong focus on goal alignment. In fact, 91% of companies with effective performance management systems say that employees’ goals link to business priorities.

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How to Measure Diversity and Inclusion Using Engagement Survey Data

1.7.20 by Anne Maltese
Employee Surveys

There’s a lot on the line when trying to make sense of your D&I initiatives. Especially when 61% of employees think diversity and inclusion is important. And it can be overwhelming to try and gather more information from your employees.

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10 Statistics You Need to Know About Employee Stress

12.31.19 by Jocelyn Stange
Company Culture

Employee stress, particularly work-induced stress, is sometimes an inevitable part of our workday.  All managers must know how to manage their employees' stress – but individuals at every level of an organization can play a part.


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