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Talent Reviews & Performance Conversations: Creating a Continuous Loop

3.5.20 by Mark Rathouz
Performance Management, Talent Development

When assessing talent and making important talent decisions, organizations have typically relied on annual talent and performance reviews. But with today’s pace of business (coupled with employee expectations) this is not an effective model.


You’ve probably heard a lot about continuous...

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4 Strategies for Boosting Your Managers' People Management Skills

12.10.19 by Jocelyn Stange
Company Culture, Talent Development

It's no secret that relationships have great impact on employee engagement. Organizations who have recognized this shift have implemented tools and strategies to measure and improve relationships. But how do you maintain those initiatives year after year?

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3 New Manager Training Topics to Empower Your Managers

11.26.19 by Jocelyn Stange
Research & Trends, Talent Development

People managers should understand how to grow and develop their employeesTheir ability to engage, coach, and develop their direct reports is an essential skill, but these skills don’t always come naturally.

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The 5 Most Desirable Employee Training and Development Opportunities

10.22.19 by Jocelyn Stange
Talent Development

Attracting employees who bring the righskills and experience to the workplace often feels like searching for a needle in a haystack. That’s why companies are investing more in employee training and development.

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Who's Responsible for Your Talent Development Strategy?

9.25.19 by Jocelyn Stange
Talent Development

Losing top talent can be hard on your business – both financially and emotionally. On average, a company loses 1% to 2.5% of its total revenue in the time it takes to get a new hire up to speed.

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5 Fresh Talent Review Best Practices

8.1.19 by Kristin Ryba
Talent Development

Many organizations have kicked the annual employee performance review to the curb in favor of ongoing performance conversations.


But that sentiment has yet to spread to a few key talent strategies—particularly the talent review.


A stale talent review process (or no process at all!) can be...

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