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At Quantum Workplace, we’re on a mission to make work better every day. If you have a similar mission, let’s partner together.

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"Our partnership with Quantum Workplace gives us access to robust employee survey technology, which we value. But we also enjoy collaborating with them as they are fun to work with, highly responsive, and make everything run smoothly."

Mary Hunter
Senior Vice President, Assessment Practice
Kaleidoscope Group

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Consultancy Partners

Let's work together to deliver innovative solutions that help improve employee engagement, drive productivity, and increase retention for your clients.

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Referral Partners

As a Referral Partner, simply recommend Quantum Workplace to your clients and earn referral fees for every deal we close.


Technology Partners

Add Quantum Workplace to your partner marketplace and offer your customers discounted access to our HR tools. You'll earn generous commissions for each deal we close together.


HR Consultancy Partners

Partnering with Quantum Workplace is a win-win for you and your clients. Our software solutions remove the burden of surveying and data analysis, allowing you to focus on what you love—consulting.  

With our user-friendly interface and robust analytics tools, you can gather valuable insights into your clients' needs and craft a compelling story that delivers real value.  

Gain Access to our Engagement Software

Your clients will benefit from a 12-month subscription to our powerful employee listening software with access to: 

  • An annual engagement survey

  • Automated lifecycle surveys for onboarding and exits

  • Unlimited pulse surveys to quickly address issues as they arise

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We partner with a variety of different HR consultants to help them drive actionable change in the workplace. Some categories include:   
  • Culture and Business Strategy   
  • Rewards and Incentives  
  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion   
  • Professional and Leadership Development Training 
  • Compensation and Benefits  

Why partner with Quantum Workplace? 

Quantum Workplace is the leading employee engagement software provider that helps organizations improve employee satisfaction and retention, resulting in a more motivated and productive workforce.

Our platform offers customizable engagement surveys, in-depth reporting, and action planning tools, providing businesses with the insights they need to create a thriving workplace culture. We're committed to using advanced technology to drive better business outcomes, and our solutions are designed to leverage the latest innovations in employee engagement.

As a Quantum Workplace partner, you can be confident that you'll have access to the most effective and efficient employee engagement tools available, helping you stay ahead of the competition and deliver more value to your clients.

We are ready and excited to partner with you! Become a Quantum Workplace partner to gain access to:
  • Industry-leading employee engagement software
  • Dedicated partner success team
  • Top notch onboarding and training
  • Attractive incentives from generous referral fees to significant revenue share
  • Extensive library of sales and marketing resources
  • PR and co-marketing opportunities
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After that, we’ll set you up with your dedicated Partner Success Team who will provide you with customized support throughout our partnership. They will help you implement new projects seamlessly, guide you through the software, and provide you with customized sales and enablement material. 



Our Current Partners

The Kaleidoscope Group

The Kaleidoscope Group offers world-class DEI transformational consulting services around the globe, where DEI is a key mission driver built on a success and change framework. Moreover, they work to build internal capability to operationalize DEI into systems and practices through all stakeholders. The Kaleidoscope Group is recognized among the top 10 pioneers in the DEI industry.

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Schabel Solutions Inc.

Schabel Solutions Inc., with over 30 years of DEI and HR practitioner experience, is a full-service strategic DEI consulting partner. We help organizations across the U.S. normalize inclusive behaviors, operationalize equity and build the skills, confidence and plans needed to achieve and sustain successful workforces, workplaces and marketplace outcomes.



Engage2Excel is a leading career experience company providing recruitment, onboarding, employee recognition, manager development and employee survey solutions designed to help clients find and keep their talent. Our innovative platform helps solve the critical challenges found in today’s workforce and is focused on elevating the candidate and employee experiences, driving engagement and improving retention. 

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BI Worldwide

BI Worldwide's mission is to turn inspiration into real results for our clients. We understand how to attract, engage and retain employees, run effective sales contests and incentives, build dynamic customer loyalty programs and create impactful corporate events better than anyone else. And, we have the tools and resources to help your business tap into that knowledge to drive and sustain measurable results. 


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