Embrace the AI-empowerment era and scale employee success faster than ever.

AI-powered workplace tech is a game changer for HR teams and people managers. Save critical time and resources by leveraging secure, cutting-edge technology to help your teams efficiently and effectively complete talent management to-dos. 

Distill actionable insights, get expert recommendations, deliver better feedback, and set better goals, faster. The future can be easier—and the future is now. 




“Quantum Workplace’s new AI-powered comment summarization tool is truly outstanding! It has made our comment review process much more efficient and helped us identify key themes effortlessly." 

Shannon Carson
Senior VP, Compensation, Benefits, HRIS
at Heritage Bank


Turn talent management ‘to-dos’ into ‘can-dos.’

Most HR teams struggle to drive adoption of HR tech and employee success initiatives. Why? Because managers and individual contributors are busier than ever. AI-powered HR tech can help shorten the learning curve and eliminate the need for large-scale change management. 

According to Gartner, 76% of HR executives are actively looking to leverage AI technology to help amplify organizational success, and 52% believe it can be used to help improve the employee experience.  

We agreeand we believe AI can be used to improve the employee experience RIGHT NOW. Imagine:

• Every employee can set and track effective, outcome-based goals with just a few clicks to power up performance conversations 

• Teams give (and request) feedback more regularly thanks to in-tool guidance that helps them craft thoughtful responses efficiently and confidently 

• HR teams save days (if not weeks) of work analyzing survey comments, understanding results, and empowering effective, targeted action 

• Managers know how to have meaningful and targeted conversations with their teams after a surveyand can easily and effectively create realistic, personalized action plans 


Tools that accelerate employee success.

Amplify your employee engagement and performance management efforts with secure, AI-powered features that increase efficiency and effectiveness for you and your teams.

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Writing Assistant

Goal Assistant

Summary Assistant

Discussion Assistant

Action Assistant


Writing Assistant

Enable your teams to share more feedbackquickly and with confidence. Give managers and employees in-tool coaching that helps them efficiently craft thoughtful responses—making feedback more impactful for recipients. 



Goal Assistant

Help everyone in your organization set better goals that increase performance. Lean on our tool to make quality suggestions, simplify the goal-setting process, and keep every leader and individual on the same page. 



Summary Assistant

Say goodbye to your teams wasting days reviewing and coding open-ended feedback with our award-winning tool. Help them break free from analysis paralysis with the power to summarize thousands of comments instantly and gain critical context into employee perceptions. 



Discussion Assistant

Managers are often responsible for facilitating effective conversations around engagement with their teams during post-survey action planning. Make this step of the process easier with our AI-powered discussion starters. This tool generates questions about high-impact drivers of engagement based on research-backed survey results and an existing library of expert-informed questions.




Action Assistant

Managers are your catalysts for post-survey action planning, but they often get stuck coming up with effective ideas. Help them overcome this ‘blank page syndrome’ with AI-powered action ideas that are grounded in team context, discussion notes, and past expert-informed suggestions.


Easily adopt AI that fits seamlessly into your employees' workflows.

Your teams are hungry to use AI to improve their efficiency, but not just any new shiny tool will do. Whatever you choose to implement must be intuitive and easy to use to ensure lasting impact. 

Quantum Workplace takes this seriously. You can configure our platform and AI-powered features to work with your unique culture and business goals. Plus, it’s intuitive out-of-the-boxso you don’t have to spend unnecessary time or resources developing training and implementation plans. 

Feel secure in our unwavering reliability.

As your partner, we will always prioritize quality and security—especially when it comes to new and rapidly evolving technologies like AI. Build your culture of employee success on a safe and solid foundation with Quantum Workplace.

Every product is guided by best practices—informed by our research and Insights Analysts.
You and your people add input and make the decisions with embedded coaching and collaboration tools.
  Tried and tested
Everything end users experience is shaped by direct customer input and thorough quality testing.
  Securely stored
Your data stays secure and isolated in your own instance of Quantum Workplace.
  Responsibly innovative
The latest technology, always backed by an unbiased and robust security infrastructure.



AI in HR: Scaling Employee Success

AI has been dominating headlines for the past year. And for HR pros, it's driving both headway and headaches.

Learn from our Chief Product Officer how Quantum Workplace is thoughtfully leveraging AI to help HR scale employee success faster and better than ever before.

Revolutionize the way your organization leads and nurtures your talent.

Learn how Quantum Workplace can help your organization amplify employee success and embrace the future with secure, AI-powered technology today.