Understand the big picture to boost employee engagement.

Every employee's voice is important—but capturing these voices without a trusted strategy or efficient tools is counterproductive. Your employee engagement survey strategy should help you maximize employee participation, give you an accurate baseline, and move the needle on employee engagement.


Measure employee engagement easily and accurately. 

Our trusted employee engagement survey software makes collecting, analyzing, and acting on meaningful company-wide feedback effortless for everyone involved.

Survey design you can trust 

When it comes to measuring employee engagement, any old survey won’t do. Our 30-item engagement survey is designed by talent experts and researchers immersed in the ever-changing workplace.

  • Scientifically validated e9 model: proven 3-pronged model with nine tested questions that measure employee engagement
  • Research-backed questions: actionable questions help you understand how to drive engagement across your organization
  • 6-point agreement scale: standard survey measurement improves the quality of your survey data
  • Integrated, open-ended questions: survey comments to easily collect tangible examples of what to start, stop, or continue

Add context with unparalleled benchmarks

Elevate your culture as a competitive advantage with our benchmarks. As the engagement partner behind America’s Best Places to Work contest, our database enables you to compare your results to thousands of organizations in your industry and size category.

  • North America’s largest database: 10,000+ organizations and 1+ million surveys completed annually
  • Best-in-class benchmarks: comparisons against companies who win Best Places to Work awards
  • Relevant annual updates: new benchmarks to reflect current workplace trends help you stay up-to-date
  • Available in-tool: benchmarks are accessible within analytics and can be incorporated into action plans

Enable your managers with easy access

Managers are on the front lines of engagement but are often under-equipped to play a leading role. Our tools make it easy for managers to understand results, take targeted action, and stay accountable for improvement.

  • Team report & walkthrough: guided overview of team-level engagement results
  • Recommended focus areas: tagged categories and items that show managers where to focus
  • ✨AI-powered discussion starters: Expert-informed, recommended prompts for meaningful engagement conversations within your team
  • AI-powered action ideas: Action recommendations guided by experts to reduce time-to-action and increase impact

Hold managers and teams accountable for action

Insight is useless if you don’t take action. Our action planning tools empower teams to understand survey results, create targeted plans, and act on strategies that will increase engagement, performance, and retention.

  • Action library: helpful list of suggested team actions to improve key focus areas
  • My Engagement (ME) Report: personalized engagement report with actionable recommendations for every employee
  • Lightweight 1-on-1s: tools to drive manager-employee engagement discussions

Reach every employee – wherever they are

Don’t choose tech that makes capturing feedback from a dispersed or deskless workforce difficult. You need solutions that can reach, activate, and empower employees who are always on-the-go.

  • Accessible options: desktop, kiosk, and SMS texting functionality
  • Automated invites & reminders: technology handles the administrative work, so you don’t have to

Uncover the meaning behind employee comments

Still reading through employee survey comments one-by-one? Quantum Workplace’s AI-powered Narrative Insights is an award winning solution that summarizes your comments in seconds – revealing underlying themes and sentiments, surfacing sensitive topics, and highlighting where you need to dig deeper.

  • ✨AI-powered Smart Summary: secure, award-winning feature that summarizes thousands of comments instantly
  • Theme & sentiment analysis: automated comment tagging that shows comment themes and sentiment at a glance
  • Keyword detection: alerts for sensitive keywords, so you can follow-up proactively
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“We believe that the survey helps us to seek employee feedback, shape our engagement programming, [...] and better achieve our employee needs and goals for engagement and culture. Our Frontliners are the reason we do everything we do. At Frontline, we leverage our survey to gain insight to enable our employees and our business to flourish.”

Jodi Dickinson
Chief Human Resources Officer
at Frontline Education

Employee Engagement Survey Software FAQs

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What is an employee engagement survey?

Employee engagement surveys help organizations measure employee engagement to make it more tangible. They help organizational leaders:

  • Uncover the meaning behind their employees’ experience
  • Make employee insight actionable
  • Implement changes that move the needle

A traditional employee engagement survey happens once a year and includes all employee voices. This type of employee survey is helpful in understanding employee engagement trends across the organization. It helps create organizational, team, and demographic benchmarks to track nuances over time.

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Why should we conduct an employee engagement survey?

Employee engagement surveys (and the insights and strategies that come from them) can have a huge impact on business success. With trending data, market benchmarks, and robust reporting, an engagement survey helps you: 

  • Understand where your company excels
  • Shed light on where you need to improve
  • Give every employee a voice
  • Help connect the dots between employee engagement and your bottom line
  • Build employee trust
  • Compare and contrast among different employee groups
  • Drive meaningful action and smarter people decisions
  • Capture feedback that helps you navigate change
  • Help you cultivate a competitive and engaging company culture
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How do I design an employee engagement survey?

Developing an actionable employee engagement survey involves thoughtful survey design. Our employee engagement experts suggest staying focused on scientifically validated employee engagement outcomes and drivers and including trackable employee demographics.

Here are 21 expert-recommended employee engagement survey questions to include in your employee survey, including questions about:

  • Employee engagement outcomes
  • Career growth and development
  • Communication and resources
  • Individual needs
  • Manager effectiveness
  • Team dynamics
  • Trust in leadership
  • Future outlook
  • Diversity and inclusion
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What should I look for in employee engagement survey analytics?

To truly understand the meaning behind your results, you need to review your employee survey analytics in a thoughtful and systematic way. There are a few ways you can start to slice and dice your survey data to uncover meaning and take action:

  1. Evaluate and prioritize by favorability
  2. Use heat mapping to compare favorability by demographic
  3. Identify and evaluate keywords and narratives within your survey comments
  4. Use industry survey benchmarks
  5. Empower your managers to analyze their team results
  6. Help your employees understand their role in engagement
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How do I take action on my employee engagement survey results?

Think of your employee engagement action plan as your strategic roadmap for employee engagement. It should outline specific initiatives and activities that your teams believe will help improve engagement—based on insights from your engagement survey results.

An employee engagement action plan typically includes:

  • Key areas of focus based on engagement survey results
  • Specific goals and objectives meant to drive progress
  • Action steps required to achieve those goals
  • Who is responsible for implementing action steps and by when
  • Expected outcomes and metrics for measuring progress
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How do I choose the right engagement survey software?

With so much to consider when evaluating which vendor is right for your organization, it can be helpful to have a guiding light to make a clear decision.

Our guide to choosing the right survey software walks you through 12 questions to ask when evaluating survey software:

  1. Can you describe your engagement methodology?
  2. What does the survey launch process look like?
  3. How will you help me drive participation on my survey?
  4. What reporting capabilities exist? Are there benchmarks available?
  5. What options do I have when it comes to support?
  6. What other resources and content will I have access to?
  7. Does this software integrate with my HRIS?
  8. How do you help my managers understand engagement and take action?
  9. Does your software integrate with other tools that help drive engagement?
  10. What options do I have in terms of customization?
  11. How do you keep your software up-to-date with the latest engagement trends?
  12. What other types of surveys do you offer?
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What makes Quantum Workplace’s employee engagement survey software different?

Measuring and improving employee engagement easily and accurately requires a partner you can rely on. For the last 20+ years, our customers have trusted us to deliver reliable expertise, technology, service and results.

We help you uncover meaning.
We're more than a survey tool. Our scientific approach to survey design, research-backed templates, personalized analysis and insights, unparalleled benchmarks, and smart AI help you understand the meaning behind your employee voice data.

We make action easy for everyone.
The real power of your employee surveys is not in the surveys themselves, but in the action you take as a result. We make action easy for everyone — so leaders, HR, managers, and employees can all play their part in driving employee engagement.

We’re a partner you can rely on.
You’re on a journey – and we’re with you every step of the way. You can rely on our dedicated team to provide strategic guidance, ongoing coaching, timely tech support, and safe and secure practices your programs need to be successful.


Every tool you need to quickly move from engagement insight to action.

Check out the other tools in our employee engagement suite designed to help you collect feedback, uncover insight, and take action with confidence and ease. 

Pulse Surveys


Get a pulse on what employees are feeling at any given time. Collect employee feedback efficiently on any topic.

Lifecycle Surveys


Assess and improve employees’ experience at every phase of their journey. Uncover insights at critical moments and milestones.



Understand the state of engagement and empower action with on-demand insights. Make sense of complex people data at-a-glance.



Get context that builds confidence with best-in-class comparisons. Compare your engagement results to similar organizations.

Action Planning


Create visibility and accountability for post-survey action. Reduce time-to-action, and increase impact. Enable managers to own and follow through on action items.



Strengthen manager and employee relationships through meaningful, ongoing conversations. Facilitate lightweight manager-employee 1-on-1s.

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