83% of workers

say they do most of their work in teams¹

65% of organizations

view a team-based model as important or very important, but only 7% feel ready to execute on this shift²

Employees who strongly agree

that they trust their team leader are 8x as likely to be fully engaged³

We build our performance programs by listening to the feedback and themes gathered through our annual engagement survey and other feedback tools, and creating action plans to support improvement. We’ve identified a direct link between employee performance and engagement.

Employee at

Keep teams connected, accountable,
and aligned.

It’s a powerful thing when departments and teams are all inspired and moving in the same direction. Quantum Workplace helps keep teams connected to purpose, accountable to performance, and aligned to key business goals. 

Product image showing performance results by team and a survey question about coworkers helping
Talent review matrix focusing on the stretch and grow area that says Find your best talent
Overview of performance snapshot showing trends in recognition

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