Develop effective managers and employees.

When executed well, performance management positively impacts employee and business success. Humanize performance, align and engage your teams, and empower your managers as performance coaches with Quantum Workplace. 

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Make it easy to inspire employee impact and performance.

Our performance management tools help you and your managers grow, develop, and align your teams to maximize success. 



Performance Reviews



Talent Reviews

Succession Planning


Move teams forward with clear and aligned goals that drive results. Set, track, and accomplish important goals with: 

  • Cascading goals: align organizational, team, and employee goals
  • AI-powered goal generator: enable improved goal-setting for better organizational performance
  • Collaborative tools: share goal progress and ownership across teams 
  • Interactive newsfeed: celebrate and stay aligned on goal progress 
  • Flexible formatting: choose from OKRs, SMART goals, or something else 



Boost employee performance, growth, and development with 360, peer, upward feedback, and more. Support a culture of continuous feedback with: 

  • Flexible frameworks: collect any type of feedback you need with multiple configuration options for requesting and giving feedback 
  • Easy access: empower anyone to request or give feedback in minutes 
  • AI-powered feedback assistant: empower teams to share more constructive, impactful feedback swiftly and confidently
  • Automated cycles: initiate feedback based on calendar or employee milestones 
  • Actionable analytics: identify and act on development opportunities 
  • Curated templates: provide best-practice guidance and collect consistent analytics across the organization 

Performance Reviews

Keep your managers and employees on the same page with engaging performance reviews. Make conversations simple and effective with: 

  • Customizable templates: tailor review conversations to fit your culture and help managers have better conversations
  • Automated cycles: build healthy communication habits with HR-prompted workflows and alerts
  • Performance integrations: easily embed goals or feedback into review templates for meaningful performance context
  • Real-time analytics: drive accountability with real-time response rates and built-in notification options
  • Talent dashboard: see all your talent data in an easy to review 9-box or 4-quadrant visual


Motivate employees and celebrate success with real-time recognition. Easily share stories of success across your organization with:

  • Peer-to-peer recognition: allow any employee to easily celebrate another 
  • Automated milestones: always remember work anniversaries 
  • Customized badges: tie recognition to cultural values that matter 
  • Social newsfeed: create a public and fun celebration space 
  • Integrated notifications: amplify success stories to Slack and Teams 


Empower meaningful conversations at every level, across any department. Increase communication, clarity, and engagement with:

  • Digital conversation tools: collaborate on and track any 1-on-1 
  • Performance integrations: easily see progress by pulling in goals or feedback, or viewing a performance snapshot 
  • Curated templates: help managers have effective conversations 
  • Automated cycles: build healthy communication habits with HR-prompted workflows and alerts 
  • Mobile access: take meeting agendas and notes with you wherever you go 

Talent Reviews

Objectively assess performance to identify rising stars and talent risks. Make strategic talent decisions with: 

  • Reliable performance feedback: collect actionable and objective ratings with our simple framework 
  • 9-box or 4-quadrant visualization: quickly identify talent risks, and those ready for promotion or development 
  • Calibration settings: allow multiple raters and easily filter data for effective calibration sessions 
  • Collaboration tools: comment and add talent insights over time 
  • Integrated succession planning: seek successor nominations and automatically pull ratings into succession plans 

Succession Planning

Proactively identify gaps and create development plans to prepare for the future. Ensure the right successors are identified and developed with:

  • Collaborative nomination process: request nominations and performance details from any leader or manager 
  • Readiness tracking: track candidate readiness by 12-month increments so you can easily see progress over time 
  • Integrated performance: see candidate performance ratings and development goals 
  • Diversity visibility: align succession plans with diversity goals 
  • Personalized, board-ready insights: share real-time insights with stakeholders 



Your unrivaled partner in employee success.


We help you uncover meaning.

Understand what's truly driving employee performance. See the connections between performance, engagement, retention, and business outcomes. 



We make action easy for everyone.

Performance management needs to be easy for everyone. Our solutions help reduce headaches for HR, integrate into manager workflows, and encourage employee involvement.    



We're a partner you can rely on.

You’re on a journey – and we’re with you every step of the way. You can rely on our dedicated team to provide strategic guidance, ongoing coaching, timely tech support, and safe and secure practices your programs need to be successful.   

Why Customers Trust Our Performance Management Platform

Thousands of organizations have put their trust in us to help them build meaningful people strategies, simplify complex processes, and get results.

“Quantum's all-in-one-platform is extremely valuable to us. We manage everything from engagement to performance to how we celebrate wins and recognize our employees. We've also seen that setting goals in Quantum helps facilitate more impactful check-ins with managers and department leaders. Having everything in one, user-friendly platform makes it easy for employees to adopt and understand the process and what we are trying to achieve. It just works for our organization.”   

Sarah Beck

Senior HR Manager


“We have a wonderful partnership with Quantum Workplace. There was no disconnect between the expectations set in the sales process and the actual utilization of the platform. They are incredibly customer-focused and very nimble. We’ve been able to build deep relationships with a great partner who is truly engaged in our success.”

Nicole Davies

VP of Talent Optimization

Valet Living

“We have been friends with Quantum Workplace for many years. It has been a long-standing, integral relationship because their work, their platform, their advice, and their insights help us garner our own insights and stay accountable for how employees are doing.”

Marie Potter

Senior Director, Culture & Development

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Performance Management Software FAQ


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What is performance management and why is it important?

Performance management is the process an organization uses to motivate, measure, and develop performance of its individuals and teams to support the organization’s goals and objectives. In recent years, many organizations have moved from traditional models—rooted in the annual performance review—to more modern and continuous approaches.  

The right approach, process, and tools make it possible to drive employee and business success. When employers prioritize collaborative, transparent, and supportive performance management practices, employees are more engaged and ultimately more successful. 

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What are some performance management best practices?

Quantum Workplace research highlights eight performance management best practices to help leaders across all industries create an engaging approach to performance. Keep these best practices in mind when shaping your strategy. 

  1. Conduct continuous performance conversations
  2. Prioritize collaborative goal setting
  3. Recognize great work
  4. Give regular performance feedback
  5. Evaluate performance fairly
  6. Create a growth and development strategy that maximizes performance
  7. Bring employees into the process
  8. Make performance management easy for everyone 
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What is performance management software?

Performance management software helps leaders continuously track and coach employee performance. Not only do these systems help ensure that employees are working effectively toward aligned organizational goals, but they help leaders develop their talent toward optimal performance. A comprehensive performance management solution offers integrated tools like:

  • Recognition
  • 1-on-1s
  • Feedback
  • Goals
  • Talent Reviews
  • Succession Planning
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How will performance management software benefit my business?

Today's organizations are fast-paced, complex, and face a wide array of business challenges. While output and production are important metrics in business success, innovation, adaptability, and communication are key. Your workplace needs a modern performance management system to adapt, improve, and drive performance—rather than simply evaluate it. An effective performance management system can help your organization: 

  • Measure performance accurately 
  • Close employee skill gaps with effective coaching 
  • Discuss and see progress on employee goals 
  • Increase employee morale and reduce turnover 
  • Show appreciation for employees’ work 
  • Create a foundation of trust between employees and managers 
  • Pave a path to success for all employees 
  • Increase company-wide alignment 
  • Drive outcomes that matter to your business 
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What questions should I ask when buying performance management software?

When picking out the right solution for your organization, there are many things to consider. Here are 12 questions you should ask to get the most out of your performance management system: 

  1. Why is it important for us to have a performance management platform?
  2. What should our performance management tools do for us?
  3. What’s going well with our current system, and what’s not?
  4. What opportunities do we have now vs. In the future?
  5. What aspects of performance management does this software support?
  6. Is the performance management platform customizable to our culture?
  7. Does the developer use their own performance management software?
  8. Does the performance management platform integrate with other systems?
  9. How easy is it to set up the performance management software?
  10. How will we ensure manager and employee adoption of the system?
  11. What is the performance management vendor’s level of support?
  12. Will the software provider help us measure impact on our goals? 
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What makes Quantum Workplace's performance management software different?

Our performance management tools are designed from a foundation of employee engagement. Everything we build is meant to align employees, managers, and leaders around driving impact and success. We make it easy for your leaders and teams to get important work done because we know adoption and usage is essential to your program’s success. We aim to reduce wasted time and headaches for HR, integrate into manager workflows, and encourage ongoing employee participation.  

Our tools and coaching are tailored to your needs and goals and integrated into your existing tools and processes, so you can see value more quickly and minimize the amount of change your teams feel as you implement new performance solutions.  

Finally, we act as an extension of your HR team. You can expect much more from us than enablement and implementation. Feel what it’s like to have a strategic partner by your side with guidance and focus to help you make work better. 


eBook: Evolving Your Approach to Employee Performance

Employee performance is a cornerstone of a thriving culture of employee success. Yet many organizations are still relying on traditional performance practices that lack the clarity, connection, and coaching needed to empower teams to thrive.  

In this eBook, explore what truly matters when it comes to building a performance management strategy, how to refine your approach incrementally, and how to select the ideal employee performance tools for your organization. 

Empower your managers and teams to drive impact.

Explore Quantum Workplace’s performance management platform today.