Grow, develop, and align your teams to drive business success. 

When employees are successful, businesses are successful. Your teams need systems and tools that engage and motivate employees to do their best work.  

Our integrated performance management tools help you align teams, empower critical dialogue, and celebrate employee success.  

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Effective and engaging performance management software

When executed well, performance management has a positive impact on employee and business success. Our integrated employee performance tools will help you build a performance management system that humanizes performance, empowers managers as coaches, and keeps performance and growth top of mind. 


Move teams forward with clear and aligned goals. 

Goals help ensure every employee and every team understands their contributions to organizational success. Empower teams to set, track, and accomplish important goals with our goal tracking software.  

  • Cascading goals

  • Real-time progress updates

  • Fun and interactive goals newsfeed

  • Flexible goal formatting

Product image of goal progress analytics showing total company revue broken into sub goals and a timeline.
Product image of goal progress analytics three key results and a sub goal about revenue growth.
Product image of $150 million total revenue goal progress update and a comment from a team member.
Goal configurations options showing goal type, users, date, and alignment.

Increase clarity and communication with 1-on-1 meetings. 

Ongoing, individualized performance conversations help managers and employees stay connected and aligned. Use 1-on-1s for performance reviews, goal updates, weekly check-ins, and more.  

  • Easy-to-launch anywhere, any time 

  • Prepare with Performance Snapshot

  • Integrate goals and feedback

  • Create templates for culture-approved conversations 

  • Automate cycles for healthy habits 

Product image of 1on1 between two employees with a rating about the conversation
Overview of performance snapshot showing trends in recognition
Goal progress image showing update status with comments of how to increase activity
Personalized 1on1 templates showing career growth and performance along with organizational template options.
Two product images showing reoccurring 1on1 options including monthly alignment and annual review.

Celebrate success with real-time recognition. 

Employees want to be recognized for their contributions. Unearth great work and share stories of success around the behaviors and accomplishments that matter most to your organization.  

  • Peer-to-peer, public recognition 

  • Tie to goals and core values 

  • Fun and interactive newsfeed 

  • Analytics and alerts that elevate accomplishments 

Recognition product image showing someone being recognized for excellence and three people commenting on the post.
Interface of six recognition badges and showing how to attribute a goal to the recognition
Product image of recognition for going the extra mile with 2 comments under the post.
Recognition report showing frequency of recognitions

Boost trust and performance with employee feedback. 

A culture of continuous feedback can accelerate individual, team, and organizational growth. Increase trust and boost performance with two-way feedback tools that help your managers be better coaches. 

  • Flexible feedback frameworks

  • Easy-to-launch anywhere, any time

  • Analytics that highlight growth areas

  • Automated feedback cycles 

Product image asking about actionable feedback to improve another employees performance with two comments
Request feedback product image showing the first step in asking for feedback
Feedback results with engagement score and showing the company favorability on two items
Product image showing feedback cycle options to set up reoccurring feedback.

Make strategic talent decisions with talent reviews.  

Your talent review process shouldn’t cause headaches. Our strategic talent reviews help you identify rising stars and talent risk throughout your organization. Collect ongoing perceptions of employee performance, growth, and retention risk and help managers take targeted action to set your organization up for a successful future. 

  • Understand performance, growth, and retention risk

  • Visualize the big picture

  • Filter and focus on specific groups

  • Calibrate multiple voices

  • Collaborate on insights and action

Product mage of talent reviews showing three people with their impact ratings
Talent review matrix showing the 4 quadrants of Quantum Workplace’s methodology
Talent review matrix focusing on the stretch and grow area that says Find your best talent
Product image showing talent review scores for a sales manager with two comments about impact
Product image showing two comments about a stay interview for an employee

If it’s done well and executed with intention, performance management can have a tremendous impact on business success. We’ve never been this aligned before — I couldn’t have done it without the Quantum Workplace team.

Wendell Sherrell
VP & Head of HR
Headshot of Wendell Sherrell from Aviat Networks with blue circles behind image

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