56% of executives

say their organization has achieved positive ROI from its investment in employee engagement¹

81% of executives

strongly agree that engaged employees perform better¹

40% of leaders

say they do not have access to the data they need to understand what motivates and engages their employees¹
When change happens in an organization, it’s like a big snow globe—everything gets shaken up and the snow just keeps flying around. For us, our engagement data is important. And how we use the data is crucial to navigating change.

Katie Strehler
Chief Human Resources Officer

Understand, measure, and drive engagement. 

Gone are the days of simply measuring engagement. You need to understand what is driving engagement and use those insights to help improve it. Our software helps you make data-based decisions that engage employees, boost performance, and drive business success. 

Two product images. One showing quarter 4 engagement pulse results. The other is of the response rate
Product image of goal progress analytics showing total company revue broken into sub goals and a timeline.
Product image showing performance impact by demographic and performance rating of employees above average

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