Understand opportunities and move forward with confidence.

Listen carefully. Your employees can tell you a lot about what’s working and what’s not—offering critical insights that can make or break your success as a company.  

Our employee engagement software helps you make sense of what is happening deep inside your organization so you can understand, take action, and grow. 

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Employee engagement tools to help you grow.

You can’t drive employee engagement and growth if you don’t understand it first. There’s too much at stake to simply throw spaghetti at a wall and hope something sticks. Our engagement, pulse, and lifecycle surveys will help you understand what really matters to your employees—and where you should focus your efforts.

Understand the big picture.

You need an effortless way for all employees to voice their thoughts and feelings about their work experience. Our comprehensive employee engagement survey helps you ask the right questions and get the data you need to move forward.

  • Research-backed survey design

  • Infinite ways to slice your data

  • Robust benchmark reports

  • Manager dashboards and alerts

  • Team commitment planning

  • Text message invites and reminders

Product image of engagement survey best practice library
Product image of engagement survey results with 48% favorability and filtering options
Product image of survey analytics showing 69% overall favorability vs. previous survey
Product image showing manager analytics and access options.
Product image showing commitment plans and commitment overview.
Mobile phone with a text message about a survey invitation

Get real-time feedback on any topic, any time. 

A lot happens between annual engagement surveys. You need flexible survey tools to help increase communication and transparency, build trust, and improve culture. Our pulse surveys help you collect quick employee feedback on any workplace topic.  

  • Quick and easy to launch

  • Seamless user experience

  • Templates for key workplace topics

  • Real-time results for immediate insights

Product image of launched pulse survey
Product image of diversity and inclusion survey final question and an illustration of an astronaut saying survey complete
Library of 6 pulse survey options showing candidate experience, change management, crisis management, DE&I, employee benefits, and new hire.
Two product images. One showing quarter 4 engagement pulse results. The other is of the response rate.

Dig into key moments in the employee journey. 

There are many make-or-break moments across an employee’s tenure. Our employee lifecycle surveys help you understand what is happening at key moments so you can optimize the employee experience and keep employees engaged no matter where they are in their journey.  

  • Set-and-forget survey cycles

  • Best practice templates

  • Manager analytics for team insights

  • Company analytics and trending for big picture insights

Product image of the options for the lifecycle survey with the automated option clicked.
Product image of new hire template showing the first three survey questions
Product image showing onboarding survey results highlighting tenure and one participant’s demographics.
Product image showing engagement survey results including favorability and top three questions.
Headshot of Katie Strehler from Rehmann with blue circles behind image
We were provided a team of individuals who are truly committed to increasing our level of engagement and interpreting our data. I am proud of our firm’s partnership with Quantum Workplace and recognize their sincere and relentless efforts towards driving engagement.

Katie Strehler
Chief Human Resources Officer

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