Understand and improve employee experience.

An engaging experience is table stakes for creating a culture of employee success. You need critical insight into what’s driving and stalling engagement.
Capture employee voice, uncover meaningful insights, and take targeted action to propel your business forward with Quantum Workplace.

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Quickly move from insight to action to boost employee engagement.

Our employee engagement tools help you collect feedback, uncover insight, and take action with confidence and ease.






Action Planning


Employee Engagement Surveys

Uncover what’s helping and hindering employee engagement. Measure employee engagement, easily and accurately with: 

  • Scientifically validated e9 model: rely on tested questions that truly measure engagement in your organization 
  • Research-backed questions: leverage actionable questions that help you understand how to drive engagement 
  • 6-point agreement scale: eliminate neutral response options and improve the quality of your survey data 
  • Simple, open-ended questions: collect comments to hear tangible examples of what to start, stop, or continue 
  • Automated invites and reminders: let technology handle the administrative work of your survey launch and communication 
  • User-friendly and accessible: reach employees wherever they are with desktop, kiosk, and SMS texting functionality
  • AI-powered tech: boost impact while saving time and resources using secure, award-winning technology
Employee Pulse Surveys

Get a pulse on what employees are feeling at any given time. Collect employee feedback efficiently on any topic with: 

  • Simple survey creation: walk through easy, step-by-step, in-tool guidance 
  • Smart segmentation: select participants quickly and easily 
  • Best practice templates: use hand-crafted questions on popular workplace topics 
  • Saved question library: re-use your questions to compare results across segments or over time 
  • Flexible settings: collect attributed, confidential, or anonymous feedback 
  • User-friendly and accessible: reach employees wherever they are with desktop, kiosk, and SMS texting functionality
  • AI-powered tech: boost impact while saving time and resources using secure, award-winning technology
Employee Lifecycle Surveys

Assess and improve employees’ experience at every phase of their journey. Uncover insights at critical moments and milestones with:

  • Automated surveys: integrate your HRIS for event- or time-triggered survey sends without any manual effort 
  • Ongoing surveys: create always-on surveys to see important employee lifecycle data over time 
  • Best practice templates: use relevant, up-to-date questions for common employee milestones 
  • Automated invites and reminders: let technology handle the administrative work of your survey launches and communication 
  • User-friendly and accessible: reach employees wherever they are with desktop, kiosk, and SMS texting functionality
  • AI-powered tech: boost impact while saving time and resources using secure, award-winning technology
Reporting & Analytics

Understand the state of engagement and empower action with on-demand insights. Make sense of complex people data at-a-glance with:

  • Robust, organization-wide analytics: dive deep into results with demographic slicing and simple data visualizations 
  • ✨AI-powered narrative insights: easily analyze thousands of qualitative employee responses 
  • Team and individual reports: enable managers and employees to understand and own engagement 
  • Turnover analytics: understand what's driving turnover across different employee segments 
  • Flight risk prediction: identify retention risks before it’s too late 
  • Business impact dashboards: create dynamic dashboards that show how engagements impacts your most important business metrics 


Get context that builds confidence with best-in-class comparisons. Compare your engagement results to similar organizations with:

  • North America’s largest database: 10,000+ organizations and 1 million surveys completed annually 
  • Best-in-class: see how you measure up to America’s Best Places to Work 
  • Relevant updates: new benchmarks are added annually to keep up with the evolving workplace 
  • Available in-tool: comparison data is accessible directly within our engagement suite and can be incorporated into action plans 
  • Company demographics: key comparisons by industry, size, and region 
  • [COMING SOON!] Employee demographics: key comparisons by personal demographics, like race and gender

Action Planning

Create visibility and accountability into post-survey action. Reduce time-to-action and increase impact. Enable managers to own and follow through on action items with:

  • Team report & walkthrough: guides managers through key terms and metrics
  • Preset focus areas: org-wide focus areas to align teams around company goals
  • AI-powered discussion starters: enables managers to have meaningful team conversations
  • AI-powered action ideas: generates expert-informed team action ideas
  • Recommended focus areas: tool-generated insights by team
  • Custom focus areas: manager-selected insights by team
  • Action library: best practice action steps based on key focus areas
  • Action plan tracking & nudging: monitor plans and send bulk messages to promote progress

Lightweight 1-on-1s

Strengthen manager and employee relationships through meaningful, ongoing conversations. Facilitate lightweight manager-employee 1-on-1s with: 

  • In-tool prompts: promote 1-on-1s directly on the manager dashboard 
  • Convenient scheduling: configure date, time, length for each 1-on-1 
  • Automated recurrences: set an ongoing meeting cycle at common cadences 
  • Transparent agenda: increase visibility and alignment with a shared agenda  
  • HR visibility: view status of 1-on-1s across the organization 


Your unrivaled partner in employee success.




We help you uncover meaning.

We're more than a survey tool. Our scientific approach to survey design, research-backed templates, personalized analysis and insights, unparalleled benchmarks, and smart AI help you understand the meaning behind your employee voice data.​





We make action easy for everyone.

The real power of your employee surveys is not in the surveys themselves, but in the action you take as a result. We make action easy for everyone—so leaders, HR, managers, and employees  can all play their part in driving employee engagement.




We're a partner you can rely on.

You’re on a journey – and we’re with you every step of the way. You can rely on our dedicated team to provide strategic guidance, ongoing coaching, timely tech support, and safe and secure practices your programs need to be successful.   

Why Customers Trust Our Employee Engagement Software

“Thanks to the capabilities and partnership with Quantum Workplace, we feel like this was such a great investment. We have been able to create and implement a continuous listening strategy at Seacoast Bank that measures moments that matter across the employee lifecycle.”  

Olivia Kirchman

HR Business Partner & Associate Engagement Leader

Seacoast Bank

“We certainly could not have achieved our goals without the support of the Quantum Workplace team. Really just can’t say enough about the support and the partnership that we have. It’s unmatched.”

Patty Nash

Employee Experience Advisor

Scooter's Coffee

“Quantum's all-in-one-platform is extremely valuable to us. We manage everything from engagement to performance to how we celebrate wins and recognize our employees. We've also seen that setting goals in Quantum helps facilitate more impactful check-ins with managers and department leaders. Having everything in one, user-friendly platform makes it easy for employees to adopt and understand the process and what we are trying to achieve. It just works for our organization.”

Sarah Beck

HR Manager


Our Clients

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s About Employee Engagement Software

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What is employee engagement?

We define employee engagement as the strength of the mental and emotional connection employees feel toward the work they do, their teams, and their organization. There are many benefits of employee engagement, including increased productivity, higher employee retention, increased customer satisfaction, and more. 
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What employee engagement model do you use?

An employee engagement model helps you truly understand, validate, and improve employee engagement. It’s a roadmap for implementing the right strategies in the right areas at the right time. Quantum Workplace utilizes its own e9 model of employee engagement, which is scientifically validated, rigorously tested, and highly effective at helping our customers understand and drive engagement. 
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What is employee engagement software?

There’s no silver bullet when it comes to engaging your employees. You need comprehensive software that allows you to develop a multi-pronged approach to strategically and consistently move the needle move time. Your engagement software should include multiple employee engagement tools that help you:

  • Collect employee feedback  
  • Understand the meaning behind it 
  • Take action that drives progress
  • Fuel your workplace decisions with data and insight 
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Why use employee engagement software?

The right employee engagement platform will improve the workplace experience by boosting employee morale, productivity, alignment, and more. This helps you prioritize your most valuable business asset—your talent.  

  • Your C-suite can have more visibility into business-critical talent data 
  • Your HR team can scale talent strategies and effectively execute on them 
  • Your managers can increase connection and alignment with their teams 
  • Your employees can feel more invested in their work and can grow 
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What questions should I ask when buying employee engagement software?

It’s easy to get caught up in flashy new features or empty promises when shopping for a new employee engagement platform. Here are some questions we recommend you ask as you are evaluating vendors: 

  • Describe your employee engagement model and how it will help us understand and drive engagement. 
  • What templates will I have access to and to what extent can I customize them to my organization? 
  • Will I be able to compare our survey results to other organizations like ours? In what ways? 
  • What types of analytics and reporting will I have access to and how will they help us make better decisions? 
  • How do your tools help empower everyone to play their part in driving employee engagement? 
  • What integrations are available and how do they work? 
  • What resources will my team and my managers have access to help them navigate change and adoption? 
  • What can I expect when interacting with your support team?
  • Will others in my organization have access to tech support? 
  • How can I be sure my data is safe? 
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What makes Quantum Workplace’s employee engagement software different?

We know that to move the needle on engagement, you need more than a survey tool. Our employee engagement software helps you make sense of your complex employee engagement data and truly understand the meaning behind your employee voice.

We make it easy for you to move from insight to action, designing our tools to reduce wasted time for HR, integrate into manager workflows, and drive employee participation.

Finally, we’re here for you every step of the way as a partner you can rely on. Our smart and passionate team is dedicated to your success and will provide unmatched subject matter expertise, coaching, and support for you and your users. 


eBook: The Employee Listening Flywheel

Learn how to design an employee listening strategy that helps you uncover meaning and drive results. Understand where you are today and how to move forward. 

Understand and improve your employee experience.

See our employee engagement software in action.