Manage remote teams.

Having a remote workforce can make your workplace vulnerable to a disconnected culture, lack of trust, misalignment, and poor collaboration. It can also lead to loneliness and burnout for employees. All of this affects the success of your teams. 

Boost company culture, strengthen teams, and drive engagement, performance, and success in a remote environment with Quantum Workplace.  

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72% of talent professionals

agree that work flexibility will be very important for the future of HR and recruiting¹

50% of employees

say they don’t want to work in the office anymore²

77% of remote employees

say they’re more productive when working from home³
We have a dispersed workforce with varied hours. We have such a limited opportunity to connect with them. We need to be able to deliver anything we do with them in the flow of work, which includes our engagement and performance efforts.

Nicole Davies
VP of Talent Optimization 
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Keep remote workers engaged and on track.

Creating a strong company culture across a dispersed workforce requires effective technology that strengthens your people processes. Our platform helps you understand, motivate, and celebrate employees no matter where they are so you can achieve your most important business goals. 


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