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Company Size




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Engagement and Performance

2.3% Increase

in Revenue Contribution Per Employee

9.8% Increase

in KPI Attainment for Sales Team

25.1% Increase

in Headcount Year Over Year

The Company

Operating in over 42 states and employing 6,800 individuals nationwide, Valet Living is a pioneer for the professional services industry.

As Valet Waste, the company pioneered and perfected the door-to-door trash service in the residential living industry. But now as Valet Living, its expanded into a full concierge service providing services like taking the dogs out on walks, delivering packages, and picking up dry cleaning. As the only nationally-recognized full-service amenities provider to the multifamily housing industry, Valet Living is setting the benchmarks and standards that are universally recognized in the industry. 

The Challenges

With its rapidly growing and dispersed workforce, Valet Living needed optimized performance management and engagement strategies that could motivate and educate employees in a short time.

Valet Living's workforce consists of 6,000 part-time and remote employees. Due to their sporadic schedules, Valet Living had an estimated two hours per day to engage with its part-time workforce. This led Valet Living on a search to find a collaborative, consistent, and central solution that could fit within their employees' workflow and link personal goals to organizational success.

The Solution

Engagement and performance tools that put an emphasis on structure, programs, and support for the success of its employees to:
  • Identify, engage, and retain talented individuals at every stage of the talent pipeline and employee lifecycle
  • Acknowledge and leverage the individual strengths of their employees
  • Implement a feed-forward process centered around internal goals and immediate execution of day-to-day responsibilities

Read Valet Living's Success Story

Valet Living, as far as I'm concerned, is a Quantum Workplace customer for life.

Nicole Davies
VP of Talent Optimization
Valet Living

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