You know your retention strategy is critical to organizational success.

Retaining high-performing employees improves financial performance and builds organizational magnetism. Despite macro-economic changes, employee retention remains a top concern for leaders, but it isn’t always easy.

Prioritize your people by continuously listening, understanding, and taking action. We support you with all three (and so much more).








“Retention is one of our highest organizational priorities. Quantum Workplace enables us to focus our efforts on the most impactful drivers of employee engagement and retention through engagement surveys and action planning, employee feedback, and employee recognition.”

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You’ve probably heard that employee retention directly affects business success – we have the numbers to prove it. 

It’s been shown that the cost to replace an individual employee can range anywhere from one half to two times the employee’s annual salary. Plus, it can take up to two years for a new employee to build the historical knowledge that a former employee already had, resulting in lost productivity over time. 

Building an employee retention strategy takes intention – and a knee jerk approach to fix it won’t solve root concerns. 


There's no wrong time to start tackling employee turnover.

To get started, we recommend:

Analyzing your retention rate – We know the cost of turnover is pricey (hint: you can easily estimate it for yourself by using our handy engagement ROI calculator). Ask yourself two key questions: 1) Where do our numbers currently stand? And 2) Where do we want them to be? 

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Reviewing your current strategy against best practices From employee experience, to employee impact and organizational magnetism, you can create a comprehensive retention strategy that reinforces why your company is worth sticking around for. But to level up, you must first figure out what you’re doing well and what you could be doing better.

Evaluating your retention tools – Understanding why people leave and mitigating flight risk is crucial. Give leaders and managers what they need to retain good employees with tools that help analyze trends, uncover real-time insights, foster a culture of appreciation, and measure engagement easily and continuously over time.

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An engaged employee will champion your employee retention strategy.

With 62% of employees having discussed their decision to leave with a manager or coworker prior to leaving, it’s clear that turnover can be prevented. It starts by listening to and taking action on employee feedback. 

To uncover the insights we need to proactively address engagement issues, it’s vital to have a tool that identifies key factors for employee retention so you can make informed decisions that fuel an engaged team. 

After all, 90% of highly engaged employees say they plan to stay at their company for the next year. 

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Why employee retention and performance management go hand-in-hand.

70% of employees who quit their job report not having had a discussion about future opportunities or growth in the three months prior to them giving notice. That’s a big problem. 

Employees don’t want to feel stagnant in their career – they do want clear communication, recognition for their contributions, and opportunities for growth.

By building a performance management strategy that prioritizes frequent growth-focused one-on-ones between managers and employees, you’ll create a positive employee experience that drives retention. Equip leaders with the right tools for mapping and tracking development with their team members. 

Want to know more about this topic? Download a recent study that makes the business case for performance management and employee retention.


Discover a tool that activates a sustainable employee retention strategy.

The right employee retention software will provide real-time insights into potential turnover drivers, highlight high-impact questions and key engagement elements, and offer actionable information to help you proactively address issues and mitigate turnover risk. We do all of this and more.

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Tech to Empower Your Employee Retention Strategy



Action Planning



Employee Engagement Surveys


Understand and improve the employee experience by using meaningful insights that drive intentional action. Our platform also allows for targeted surveys and analytics, enabling you to pinpoint areas of improvement and celebrate successes.



Predict and mitigate flight risk with our on-demand insights. Make sense of complex data at a glance with our advanced analytics tools helping you identify patterns and trends, while also providing a deep dive into the factors influencing employee satisfaction and retention.


Action Planning


Create visibility and empower managers to improve engagement with our platform. Utilize our easy-to-use action planning tools that guide managers in developing and executing strategies to boost engagement and retention. And yes, all of this is based on data-driven insights.




Strengthen manager and employee relationships through meaningful, ongoing conversations. Our platform facilitates regular, structured 1-on-1s that foster open communication, ensuring that employees feel heard and valued.




Boost employee growth and development with frequent and continuous feedback. Our feedback tools allow for real-time, constructive feedback, enabling a culture of continuous improvement and personal development.


Drive your retention strategy
with intention.

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