Drive employee retention with intention.

Burned by top talent walking out the door? Turnover is expensive and affects productivity, morale, customer satisfaction, and more. Move from reactive tactics to approaching retention with intention with Quantum Workplace.

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1 in 3 employees

said their departure from their last organization could have been prevented

62% of employees

discussed their decision to leave with a manager or coworker prior to leaving

90% of highly engaged employees

say they intend to stay at their current organization for the next year

See, sense, and stop turnover with Quantum Workplace.

With the right intel, insights, and a roadmap for change, you can build a culture that draws in and retains your best talent. Keep top talent engaged and on the path to success with Quantum Workplace.

Understand key drivers of engagement and retention.

Get feedback that moves you forward. See what is driving (and hindering) engagement to keep top talent engaged and committed to your organization. Our employee survey tools are expert-backed and easy to use

  • Get feedback on what matters most

  • Dig deep and prioritize action

  • Benchmark with Best Places to Work

Engagement Survey
Survey analytics

Empower managers as engaging performance coaches.

Employees want clarity, support, recognition, and coaching. And your managers need tools to help them deliver on all this. 

Our integrated performance management tools serve as engagement and retention remedies. They’re meant to create the kind of employee experience that employees crave—while also driving results.

  • Facilitate growth-focused 1-on-1s

  • Understand & address talent risk

  • Plan for success


Pinpoint trouble spots before they lead to turnover.

Take the guesswork out of understanding turnover with our Intelligence Dashboard. Turn data into insights and insights into action with our CEO-ready dashboards.

  • Understand your turnover trends

  • Uncover reasons for turnover

  • Zoom in on first-year turnover

  • Predict future turnover

Turnover trends dashboard
Turnover comparisons dashboard
First year turnover dashboard
Flight risk by demographic dashboard
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Retention is one of our highest organizational priorities. Quantum Workplace enables us to focus our efforts on the most impactful drivers of employee engagement and retention through engagement surveys and action planning, employee feedback, and employee recognition.

Jim Carlino
Chief Human Resources Officer

Drive your retention strategy
with intention.

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