2024 CHRO Strategic Employee Success Planner

Make 2024 Your Year of Impact 

Your investments in employee success are key to the future of your team and organization.

Make 2024 your year of impact by investing in strategies and solutions that unlock the potential of your HR team and maximize business success.

We’ve hand-picked monthly themes and reflections to help you focus on impact in 2024 and beyond. 

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What's Inside

  • January: Building a Culture of Employee Success
  • February: Becoming a More Strategic HR Leader
  • March: Empowering Everyone to Own Employee Success
  • April: Assessing and Improving Your Culture
  • May: Predicting and Preventing Turnover
  • June: Making Your Culture a Magnet for Talent
  • July: Building Your Employee Listening Strategy
  • August: Analyzing Your Survey Data
  • September: Making Post-Survey Action Easier
  • October: Evolving Your Approach to Employee Performance
  • November: Empowering Managers as Performance Coaches
  • December: Planning for the Future
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