Recharged by a Progressive Performance Management Solution





Company Size








$1.4 Million

increase in Total Revenue

1.6% Decrease

in Total GAAP Operating Expenses

99% of Employees

have Goals That Align With Operational Plan

The Company

Aviat is a global provider of wireless transport products and services to mobile service providers, government agencies, energy and transportation companies, and enterprises.

As a company with multiple global locations, Aviat Networks balances a need for a united workforce with the necessity of regional and individualized customer care. With 70+ years of industry experience, Aviat is known for its highly responsive team and cutting-edge technology.

The Challenge

Aviat Networks is a niche technology specialist in a mature market, but its isolated performance management methods were holding it back.

Misaligned goals combined with sporadic manager-employee conversations and disjointed forms made its performance management strategy a disengaging process for employees and a huge burden for human resources.

The Solution

With the goal of increasing agility and alignment with its performance management processes, Aviat uses Quantum Workplace's software to:
  • Align individual and team performance to its company-wide strategy
  • Increase transparency and visibility of goals throughout all levels of the organization
  • Empower employees and managers to have frequent conversations

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