Build your culture of employee success. 

Our employee success platform helps you optimize your employee experience, inspire employee impact, and create a culture that attracts and retains the best talent.





Scale employee success faster and better than ever before.  

We’re not predicting the future of AI for HR—we’re creating it. Amplify employee engagement and performance insights and action with our secure, efficient, and powerful AI These are your solutions, in your hands, solving your problems—available now. 



Shorten the distance between insight and action with our employee success platform.

It’s tough to move the needle on engagement, performance, and retention when your insights are scattered—and your teams don't know how to act on them.

Our employee success platform helps you bring your disjointed tools together to capture ongoing insight and motivate teams to act. We help you boost engagement, maximize performance, and build a magnetic culture to help your workplace win. 



Understand and improve employee experience with our employee engagement software.

Employee engagement is more than just a survey—so you need more than just a survey tool. You need to ask the right questions to capture meaningful insights that help you take swift and targeted action.

  • Engagement Surveys: uncover what’s helping and hindering employee engagement.
  • Lifecycle Surveys: assess and improve employees’ experience at every phase of their journey.
  • Pulse Surveys: get a pulse on what employees are feeling at any given time.
  • Analytics & Reporting: make sense of complex people data at-a-glance with curated reports and dashboards for your leaders and teams.
  • Benchmarks: get context that builds confidence with best-in-class comparisons.
  • Action Planning: create visibility and accountability into post-survey action.
  • New! Lightweight 1-on-1s: strengthen manager and employee relationships through meaningful, ongoing conversations.


Component 1 – 1

Develop effective managers and employees with our performance management software.

Your performance management program is key to keeping teams aligned, accountable, and inspired all year long. Our connected performance management tools make it easy to empower managers as coaches, provide visibility to HR, and create clarity for employees.

  • Goals: move teams forward with clear and aligned goals that drive results.
  • Feedback: boost performance and development with 360, peer, and upward feedback.
  • Performance Reviews: keep managers and employees on the same page.
  • Recognition: motivate employees & celebrate success.
  • 1-on-1s: empower meaningful conversations between managers and employees.
  • Talent Reviews: objectively assess performance to better identify rising stars and talent risks.
  • Succession Planning: proactively identify gaps and create development plans to prepare for the future.


Component 3 – 1

Your unrivaled partner in employee success. 

Creating a culture of employee success requires a partner you can rely on. As the workplace has evolved over our 20+ years in business, the secret to our successful customer partnerships has remained the same – keeping your biggest needs—and your success—as our top priorities.

We help you uncover meaning. 

Survey tools alone won’t help you understand your culture. Leverage our expertise, analytics, and benchmarking to help you make sense of feedback and truly understand the meaning behind your employee voice. 

We make action easy. 

You need everyone in your organization to play an active role in your culture—and that means it must be easy. Lean on our solutions to surface critical insights for leaders, reduce headaches for HR, integrate into manager workflows, and encourage ongoing employee participation.

We're a partner you can rely on.

You’re on a journey—and we’re with you every step of the way. You can rely on our dedicated team to provide strategic guidance, ongoing coaching, timely tech support, and the safe and secure practices your programs need to succeed. 


Why Customers Trust Our Employee Success Solutions 

Thousands of organizations have put their trust in us to help them build meaningful people strategies, simplify complex processes, and get results.

“We have a wonderful partnership with Quantum Workplace. There was no disconnect between the expectations set in the sales process and the actual utilization of the platform. They are incredibly customer-focused and very nimble. We’ve been able to build deep relationships with a great partner who is truly engaged in our success.”

Nicole Davies

VP of Talent Optimization

Valet Living

“Quantum's all-in-one-platform is extremely valuable to us. We manage everything from engagement to performance to how we celebrate wins and recognize our employees. We've also seen that setting goals in Quantum helps facilitate more impactful check-ins with managers and department leaders. Having everything in one, user-friendly platform makes it easy for employees to adopt and understand the process and what we are trying to achieve. It just works for our organization.”

Sarah Beck

HR Manager



“We certainly could not have achieved our goals without the support of the Quantum Workplace team. Really just can’t say enough about the support and the partnership that we have. It’s unmatched.”

Patty Nash

Employee Experience Advisor

Scooter’s Coffee

“We have been friends with Quantum Workplace for many years. It has been a long-standing, integral relationship because their work, their platform, their advice, and their insights help us garner our own insights and stay accountable for how employees are doing.”

Marie Potter

Senior Director, Culture & Development

Getty Images

“Thanks to the capabilities and partnership with Quantum Workplace, we feel like this was such a great investment. We have been able to create and implement a continuous listening strategy at Seacoast Bank that measures moments that matter across the employee lifecycle.”

Olivia Kirchman

HR Business Partner & Associate Engagement Leader

Seacoast Bank

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Integrations to make work easier. 

Connect Quantum Workplace with the tools your teams use every day, so you can spend less time on administrative work and more time on strategy.


An unparalleled customer experience.

See how our top-rated employee success software and award-winning customer service work together to help you achieve your goals. 


eBook: 5 Corners You Shouldn’t Cut in Your Post-Survey Action Planning

The real power of employee surveys is not in the surveys themselves, but the actions you take based on the insights they provide. Acting on your survey results is table stakes for engagement. Employees expect you to do something with their feedback. Learn how to simplify post-survey action & create an effective action plan in this eBook. 


ROI calculator: Making Dollars and Sense of Your Employee Success Investments

Your talent is your #1 business expense. Your investments in engagement, performance, and culture have a huge impact on retaining your best talent—and helping your business succeed. Unsure where to start in quantifying the impact of these investments on your business? Use this calculator—along with our other ROI tools and resources—to easily start building your business case.   


eBook: 2024 CHRO Strategic Employee Success Planner

Your investments in employee success are key to the future of your team and organization. Make 2024 your year of impact by investing in strategies and solutions that unlock the potential of your HR team and maximize business success. We’ve hand-picked monthly themes and reflections to help you focus on impact in 2024 and beyond. 


eBook: Evolving Your Approach to Employee Performance

Employee performance is a cornerstone of a thriving culture of employee success. Yet many organizations are still relying on traditional performance practices that lack the clarity, connection, and coaching needed to empower teams to thrive.  

In this eBook, explore what truly matters when it comes to building a performance management strategy, how to refine your approach incrementally, and how to select the ideal employee performance tools for your organization.

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