The Company                   

A rapidly-growing specialty coffee franchise, Scooter's Coffee is proud of the strong emotional ties it has fostered throughout its supply chain, from coffee farmers to employees, franchisees, suppliers, and customers.   

"To create an amazing experience for each life we touch"that's the mission at Scooter's Coffee since it began as a drive-thru in Bellevue, Nebraska, 25 years ago. 

Focusing on delivering high-quality drinks and speedy service with a big smile has worked for them; the franchise has expanded its presence across the United States and is approaching 600 locations in 28 states, with targeted growth plans to over 1000 stores nationwide by 2024.

Leadership at Scooter's Coffee places a high value on its positive culture to drive loyalty among customers and employees. As the company grows, it strives to ensure each employee feels like an integral part of the Scooter's Coffee family and supports their development within the organization. 

The Challenge

Protecting the family feel of Scooter's Coffee's culture while engaging and developing employees became challenging during a time of rapid growth for Scooter's Coffee coupled with a nationwide pandemic necessitated that hybrid working model where possible. The Great Resignation movement and an increasingly competitive job market forced the company to get creative to accomplish their goals. 

Faced with such a unique landscape, Scooter's Coffee realized it needed a bulletproof strategy to attract and maintain the right talent to support the growing franchise system. At the same time, the company felt it imperative to protect the family feel while engaging and developing remote team members. 

The Solution

To overcome the challenges, Scooter's Coffee knew they needed to: 

  • Increase efficiency in communication
  • Promote recognition in a hybrid workforce  
  • Improve their employee listening strategy 
  • Empower goal setting and completion on a personal, team, and company level 

To achieve these goals, the company needed the right tools to build a comprehensive strategy. They found the answer in Quantum Workplace's suite of solutions. 

The company utilized Quantum Workplace's 1-on-1's and annual performance review template for their 2021 Annual Review and it was well-received by both leaders and employees. Besides being easy to use, the template allowed for seamless assigning, sharing, and analyzing of performance scores and ratings.

Scooter’s Coffee then launched the 1-on-1 feature on a large scale across their organization to increase clarity and communication among their hybrid workforce. They developed several custom templates to meet specific talent management needs. They also included a "Weekly 1-on-1" for employees to facilitate meaningful performance conversations virtually and a Position Intake template for the Talent Acquisition Team. 

Scooter’s Coffee also leveraged Quantum Workplace’s Recognition feature to celebrate employees’ success, utilizing the automated daily tenure recognition posts to mark their employment anniversary. The company also encouraged employees to shout out their peers’ good work on the platform.


"We often joke with employees that if they're ever having a bad day, simply pull up the Recognition feed on Quantum, and your mood will instantly improve."


In boosting their employee listening strategy, Scooter's Coffee leaned on Quantum Workplace's Engagement Survey tool and garnered an enthusiastic 93.4% participation rate. Using the platform to aggregate and analyze company-wide feedback, the human resources team identified at-risk employees and took immediate remedial action to prevent burnout and turnover.

Another employee listening tool, Pulse Survey, gave the company real-time feedback on important workplace topics. The Human Resource Business Partners team launched several surveys that tracked employees' journey within the company, throughout the employee lifecycle. Human resources leaders meet quarterly to discuss employee feedback and exit interview data trends to address critical issues quickly. 

Scooter's Coffee leveraged results from the surveys to track progress, set goals, and devise the right strategies to promote employee and company growth. The leadership team shares and tracks their team's action plans using Quantum Workplace's Goals feature. With healthy employee and leader participation, the tool successfully promoted valuable dialogue and discussions on employee team goals. 


"Quantum has given us the means to measure what we have not previously been able to measure formally: how focused our teams are on regular formal communication, goal setting, and consistent recognition. Through this platform, we can monitor these areas and continue to measure success and areas of opportunity."


Quantum Workplace's customizable and comprehensive software helps Scooter's Coffee:

  • Nurture employee development through goal setting and 1-on-1 conversations
  • Gather valuable employee insights through periodic surveys on topics that are instrumental to organizational success
  • Acknowledge and promote the individual strengths and achievements of its employees in a hybrid workforce
  • Promote company culture and engagement across a dispersed workforce 

"Without a doubt, Quantum Workplace has been a critical benefit to enhancing the employee experience at Scooter's Coffee, and we look forward to continuing our partnership!"

- Patty Nash, Senior Manager, Employee Experience


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