7 Ways to Change Your Retention Strategy in a Shifting Landscape

Studies show that most companies still consider employee retention a top priority (as they should). But prioritization alone isn’t enough. To reset on employee engagement and maintain healthy cultures in a shifting landscape, we need to change the way we approach retention.


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Building a Magnetic Culture

Employee quit rates have been declining since The Great Resignation—but so has employee favorability. A strong retention strategy will help you engage employees in the short term and retain them in the long term.

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How Not to Keep Your Best Talent 

When it comes to your retention strategy, knee jerk won’t work. You need to move from reactive tactics to approaching retention with intention. With the right intel, insights, and a roadmap for change, you can build a culture that draws in and retains your best talent.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the state of employee retention and turnover
  • 6 new mindsets for approaching retention with intention
  • Dig into the how of predicting and preventing turnover
  • See, sense, and stop unwanted turnover with the right tech

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