Performance 1-on-1s

Increase clarity & communication with 1-on-1 meetings.

The traditional performance review is no longer enough for today’s rapidly changing workplace. To achieve key business goals, it’s important for managers and employees to stay connected and aligned with ongoing performance conversations.

Our one on one meeting software helps facilitate conversations in a way that increases trust, accountability, and feedback and drives employee success.

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Product image of 1on1 between two employees with a rating about the conversation
Overview of performance snapshot showing trends in recognition
Goal progress image showing update status from 1on1 with comments of how to increase activity
Personalized 1on1 templates showing career growth and performance along with organizational template options.
Two product images showing reoccurring 1on1 options including monthly alignment and annual review.
Headshot of Julie Cummings from BKD with blue circles behind image
As an HR department, we’ve been focused on remaining agile in rolling out new performance initiatives, and Quantum Workplace has been the perfect partner in that process. Their ability to provide strategic insight on our changing needs was the key to success during this process.

Julie Cummings
Managing Director & Chief Human Resources Officer

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