Performance Goals

Move teams forward with clear and aligned goals.

Clear goals that are aligned to company objectives are critical to employee, team, and business success. Goals help ensure every person in your organization understands where to go next.

Our employee goal management software helps your teams set, track, and accomplish goals so that you can meet your most important business objectives.

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Product image of goal progress analytics showing total company revue broken into sub goals and a timeline.
Product image of goal progress analytics three key results and a sub goal about revenue growth.
Product image of $150 million total revenue goal progress update and a comment from a team member.
Goal configurations options showing goal type, users, date, and alignment.
The tool allows goals to be fluid. Goals can shift as priorities shift. Our employees create their goals and work with their coach to develop and discuss them. And they can easily track and measure progress.

Michael Lariosa
Sr. Manager of HR Operations
Baker Tilly, LLP

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