How to Create a Killer Culture: 10 Employee Survey Questions About Culture

In this time of high turnover and job hopping, company culture is what ultimately sets your organization apart. Culture defines who your organization is and what it stands for, displayed through the values and attitudes of leadership and employees.

When you have a strong company culture, your employees are more likely to identify with the mission and vision of your organization, resulting in a more engaged (and retained!) workforce.

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You want to “get culture right,” meaning that your culture matches your organization's overall strategic initiatives. Check out this list of employee engagement survey questions about culture to gauge how your company’s culture is impacting your team and business strategy.   



1. This job is a good fit for a person like me.

2. The atmosphere here is good.

3. I personally agree with the organization’s values.

4. We have a positive culture.

5. I believe in the work that we do.

6. I understand and support our organization’s mission and vision.

7. I like the culture of this organization.

8. Our culture supports the mission and vision of the organization.

9. The leaders of the organization contribute to the positive culture of this organization.

10. We have a culture of (recognition, feedback, transparency, etc.).

Don't get discouraged if your employees' responses to these questions aren't great; instead, identify core problems and find one action you can take to improve your culture. Your organization's culture wasn't built in a day, so don't expect cultural problems to have an overnight fix. 

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