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20 Easy Employee Engagement Ideas for Managers

1.17.20 by Natalie Wickham
Employee Engagement, Managers & Leaders
To really move the needle on employee engagement, organizations have to act at the local level. There's no one-size-fits-all approach.
Your managers are in the best position to understand and improve engagement. They're on the front lines with employees day in and day out.
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How to Coach Managers to Give Effective Employee Feedback

12.24.19 by Jocelyn Stange
Employee Feedback, Managers & Leaders

Many managers avoid giving critical feedback, especially when its negative, because they don’t have the time, capacity, or resources. On top of that, giving effective employee feedback isn’t easy when you’re dealing with human emotions at work. It can be an uncomfortable, awkward, and terrifying...

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Manager Checklist for Employee Compensation Conversations

10.15.19 by Jocelyn Stange
Performance Management, Managers & Leaders

Employee compensation conversations can be a little … uncomfortableBut initiating discussions about money matters with your employees is a routine part of being a people manager.

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[Infographic] Key Challenges of Management

9.19.19 by Dan Harris, Ph.D.
Managers & Leaders, Research & Trends

As an HR rep, you know what it’s like to be busy and have a lot expected of you. Your managers feel the same, and they need your help.


We gathered some sobering stats about the overwhelming expectations placed on managers. With only so many hours in a day, these challenges of management may...

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What’s the Optimal Span of Control for People Managers?

9.11.19 by Dan Harris, Ph.D.
Managers & Leaders, Research & Trends

If you’re a people manager, here’s a quick question:

how many employees report directly to you?

One? Five? Fifteen? That’s your span of control.


Now here’s a not-so-quick question:

how many direct reports should a manager have?


That’s not as easy to answer.

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4 Key Scenarios When Managers Must Discuss Employee Goals

8.6.19 by Anne Maltese
Performance Management, Managers & Leaders

Goals help employees and organizations achieve success. But when goal conversations only happen once or twice a year, it creates a disconnect between the manager, the employee, and the organization. Goals become misaligned and their purpose is lost, making success more difficult to achieve.

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