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New Manager Tips: 4 Things HR Can Do to Empower First-Time Leaders

7.9.20 by Jocelyn Stange
Employee Engagement, Managers & Leaders

Managers are one of the most important factors affecting employee engagement. Yet, according to our research, two-thirds of new managers do not receive manager training.


Unfortunately, hiring and promoting new managers doesn’t mean they are automatically ready to lead. New managers need...

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The Check In Meeting: Making the Most of Employee Check-Ins

6.25.20 by Kristin Ryba
Performance Management, Managers & Leaders

Many organizations have come to understand the value of continuous one-on-one meetings. But it can be difficult to strike the right balance between frequent feedback and micromanaging.


When done well, the check-in meeting can set the foundation for healthy manager-employee relationships and...

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Leading Through Change: How to Create Stability in the Workplace

5.21.20 by Kristin Ryba
Company Culture, Managers & Leaders

In times of upheaval, good leadership is more important than ever to ensure your people are happy, safe, and productive. But how can you lead your people successfully under turbulent and stressful conditions? How can you create stability and engage employees amid disruption?


These questions...

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How to Have a Difficult Conversation With an Employee

5.5.20 by Jocelyn Stange
Performance Management, Managers & Leaders

Like it or not, the workplace is home to a number of difficult conversations. Discussing topics such as pay and benefits, inappropriate behavior, or underperformance can be uncomfortable.


But having successful one-on-one conversations is what separates great managers from ineffective ones.



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5 Simple Tips for Having a Successful One on One Conversation

4.21.20 by Natalie Wickham
Performance Management, Managers & Leaders

It’s no secret that communication is key to good management. But good communication isn’t always easy.


One-on-one meetings are a simple but effective way to improve communication with your employees and increase engagement.


In fact, 86% of highly engaged organizations conduct one-on-one...

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10 Practical Tips for Driving Employee Engagement

3.31.20 by Jocelyn Stange
Employee Engagement, Managers & Leaders

The push for higher employee engagement isn’t new—yet it can still feel woefully out of reach. You want to improve employee engagement. But where do you start?


The first step is to identify and then act on the key drivers of engagement for your organization.


In this blog, we’ll cover exactly...

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