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How to Recognize Employees According to Their Preferences

2.21.19 by Aaron Brown
Employee Recognition

Employees are like snowflakes; no two are exactly the same. They have different personalities and varied backgrounds that shape who they are and how they work.


This diversity plays into how they prefer to be recognized as well. Many managers default to how they desire recognition, but this...

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Coming and Going: How to Recognize New Hires and Exiting Employees

1.8.19 by Aaron Brown
Employee Lifecycle, Employee Recognition

New hires and exiting employees may be on opposite ends of the tenure spectrum, but providing recognition is critically important for each group.


You want to get new employees started off on the right foot, excited and fully engaged from day one, just as you desire that exiting employees would...

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How to Give Recognition on a Budget

1.5.19 by Aaron Brown
Employee Recognition

In an ideal world where money is no object, recognition would be a breeze. You could treat high-performing employees to a fancy steakhouse dinner, give them gifts, or even send them on a trip.

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Ditch the Cookie Cutter: How to Give Authentic Recognition in the Workplace

10.12.18 by Dan Hoppen
Employee Recognition

All recognition is not created equal.


Simply giving an employee a pat on the back or sending a generic email can actually have the opposite of the intended affect. These insincere forms of recognition can confuse or turn off an employee. To really affect engagement, recognition should be...

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[New Research] A Manager's Recognition Matters

6.14.18 by Christina Thompson
Employee Recognition, Managers & Leaders, Research & Trends

Recent research by Quantum Workplace examined the role of the manager in improving employee engagement. Looking at data from over 8,000 organizations and over half a million employees, the research found five key areas managers need to focus on to increase employee engagement. One of the most...

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8 Employee Recognition Programs That Will Always Fail

5.16.18 by Libby Duong
Employee Recognition

No one can argue against the benefits of employee recognition programs, but that doesn’t mean that any ol' recognition program will suffice.


Some recognition programs are great: they engage employees, motivate performance, and drive organizational culture. But some do more harm than good.



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