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12 High-Impact Employee Pulse Survey Questions

As amazing as the annual High-Impact-Employee-Pulse-Survey-Questions.jpgengagement survey is, sometimes our organizations need more. Enter: employee pulse surveys. These targeted, short engagement surveys are a great way to get information on your employees' engagement throughout the year (instead of limiting yourself to once-a-year insights). Employee pulse surveys also help you find easier fixes where you might be able to make an immediate impact in your organization.

But pulse surveys were never intended to replace the yearly engagement surveys (a mistake a lot of organizations have made), and thus, shouldn't ask the same types of questions as an annual survey. Rather, employee pulse survey questions should address smaller, more immediate issues or concerns. Check out some examples of how to use pulse survey questions, below.


Gauging the success of a new initiative

  • Our organization has done a good job of informing employees of (insert change, initiative, or policy here).
  • I have been informed on the new (insert initiative or policy here).
  • We have effectively managed the recent change in our organization.
  • Recent changes are in alignment with the organization’s overall goals.
  • I was asked for input on the recent changes that took place.

Survey follow-up

  • There was sufficient follow-up to the engagement survey.
  • My manager shared the results of the last survey with us.
  • My manager created action plans to address issues raised in the last survey.


  • I was effectively onboarded and welcomed.
  • My manager took time to effectively onboard me.

Gauging success of a meeting

  • I felt last week’s town hall was successful.
  • Our team makes efficient use of meeting time.

These employee pulse survey questions cover just a few of the many topics you could use them for; feel free to use pulse surveys anytime your organization needs clarity or direction on an an immediate issue or concern.


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