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Jocelyn Stange

Jocelyn Stange

As a Content Marketing Specialist at Quantum Workplace, Jocelyn is committed to creating informative and entertaining content to help make work awesome for every employee. When she's not zeroed in on writing for and editing The QWork Future, you can find her perfecting pirouettes to some 80’s rock and attempting to steal your dog (only for the day).

Articles by Jocelyn Stange

How to Drive Focus for Goal Alignment and Performance Expectations

1.9.20 by Jocelyn Stange
Performance Management

To lead a successful employee performance management strategy, you need a strong focus on goal alignment. In fact, 91% of companies with effective performance management systems say that employees’ goals link to business priorities.

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10 Statistics You Need to Know About Employee Stress

12.31.19 by Jocelyn Stange
Company Culture

Employee stress, particularly work-induced stress, is sometimes an inevitable part of our workday.  All managers must know how to manage their employees' stress – but individuals at every level of an organization can play a part.


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How to Deal with Negative Emotions at Work: Next Steps for Managers

12.26.19 by Jocelyn Stange
Company Culture

With aggressive year-end goals and fast-approaching deadlines, negative emotions can surface and wreak havoc on employees, teams, and organizations. If your managers do not know how to deal with negative emotions at work—they will increase stress levels, create barriers between employees, and...

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How to Coach Managers to Give Effective Employee Feedback

12.24.19 by Jocelyn Stange
Employee Feedback, Managers & Leaders

Many managers avoid giving critical feedback, especially when its negative, because they don’t have the time, capacity, or resources. On top of that, giving effective employee feedback isn’t easy when you’re dealing with human emotions at work. It can be an uncomfortable, awkward, and terrifying...

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How to Deal with Emotions at Work: 4 Tips for Managers and Leaders

12.17.19 by Jocelyn Stange
Employee Engagement, Company Culture

Have you ever had a deadline moved up a week on a project? Or gotten an unexpected promotion for all your hard work? The workplace can be an emotional rollercoaster and sometimes your employees are simply trying not to lose their cookies on the ride.

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5 Employee Compensation Statistics You Need to Know

12.12.19 by Jocelyn Stange
Employee Engagement, Company Culture

No matter the topic, uncertainty among employees will almost always lead to disengagement in the workplace. While employee compensation and benefits aren’t usually top drivers of engagement, uncertainty over how pay and benefits are calculated or determined can be catalysts of office gossip and...

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