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Measuring Employee Engagement: 6 Key Moments in the Employee Journey

10.3.19 by Kristin Ryba
Employee Engagement, Employee Lifecycle

Relationships are key to employee engagement and performance. Strong relationships increase happiness, loyalty, and empathy, while decreasing stress.


But relationships aren’t static. The ways employees feel about and interact with their coworkers, managers, teams, and customers are constantly...

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How to Use Exit Survey Results to Reduce Employee Turnover

4.16.19 by Aaron Brown
Employee Engagement, Employee Surveys, Employee Lifecycle

Turnover is one of the most dangerous threats to any organization. It's incredibly costly, as recruiting, hiring, and training requires time and money most organizations don't have to spare.


When an employee departs, their exit survey leaves behind clues that expose holes in strategy or how...

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Coming and Going: How to Recognize New Hires and Exiting Employees

1.8.19 by Aaron Brown
Employee Lifecycle, Employee Recognition

New hires and exiting employees may be on opposite ends of the tenure spectrum, but providing recognition is critically important for each group.


You want to get new employees started off on the right foot, excited and fully engaged from day one, just as you desire that exiting employees would...

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13 Statistics That Reveal the Shocking Price of  Employee Turnover

1.2.19 by Dan Hoppen
Employee Engagement, Employee Lifecycle, Research & Trends

It's common knowledge that replacing and training employees are costly tasks for an organization.


But you'd be shocked to know just how high that cost is.


We teamed up with the Center for Management and Organization Effectiveness (CMOE) to identify 13 statistics that shine a light on the...

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5 Stages in the Employee Lifecycle When Surveys Are a Must

12.27.18 by Dan Hoppen
Employee Engagement, Employee Surveys, Employee Lifecycle

There are certain moments in our lives that are simply more important than others. It’s why we celebrate anniversaries, holidays, and birthdays. These are times to reflect, take stock of our current state, and compare with previous years.


The same goes for the employee lifecycle. An employee’s...

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11 Ways to Fire Up and Engage New Employees

11.17.18 by Adam Seabrook
Employee Engagement, Employee Lifecycle

Introducing guest blogger Adam Seabrook, the Co-Founder of Betterteam.


No one in the history of work has said, “I want my new employees to be bored and apathetic toward their new job.”

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