Employee Comments About Companies to Inform Your Retention Strategy

At Quantum Workplace, we get to analyze thousands and thousands of comments from employees every year. These comments give us invaluable insight into:

  • What employees like about their current employers
  • What they don't
  • Why they will (or won't) continue working there

While helpful, anecdotal data can be a beast to sort through. So we've done the heavy lifting for you. Click below to download three booklets of the best and worst employee comments to help inform your retention strategy.


Best and Worst Employee Comments

Employee voices are powerful. Our first offering is a compilation of the truly best and shockingly worst employee comments we've ever seen come through our survey engine (that were appropriate to publish, of course). Collected from the feedback of nearly 400,000 voices surveyed through Best Places to Work, these employees have no problem being candid and telling the real story.

50 Best and Worst Employee CommentsTo remind you it gets better AND it could be a whole lot worse, check out these 50 real quotes from employees saying what they really think of their workplace.

Here's just a snippet of what to expect:



"I feel more at home, more comfortable, more in control and more supported than I ever have before."

"This employer genuinely cares for your growth, both professionally and personally.

"I have been here about a year now, and I have not heard any grumbling about management or the company or even the co-workers. I love it!"



"It's not about people anymore. It's about how much money can be made."

"Managers feel like they're entitled to everything, and we're expected to stand there and lick their boots."

"Actions speak louder than words, and those actions say, 'We do not care about you. You are lower than dirt.'"


Best and Worst Recognition Comments

A top factor influencing engagement, employee recognition is one of the most popular topics in employee survey comments. When employees feel valued, they rave about it. When they don't, well, they sing a slightly different tune.

50 Best and Worst Recognition Comments

These 50 employee survey comments find out what employees really think about how they’re being recognized at work. It will  provide you some real-life examples of what do to—and what not to do—when it comes to showing employee appreciation.

Here are a few examples:



"The benefits that come from working here are above and beyond the monetary rewards we receive."

"Management gives constructive criticism when it's needed and praise when it's due."

"I have received more positive feedback and recognition here than anywhere else in my life. My personal confidence level has gone up considerably. I love it here!"



"Would a 'thank you' be so hard?"

"Hard workers are not appreciated. They simply get used."

"We just go through the motions so we don't get yelled at and can get home by five."


Best and Worst Retention Comments

Why do employees leave? Did they not receive enough opportunities for growth? Was that annoying cube mate just too much? Or maybe they didn't respect leadership and their vision?

And just as importantly: Why do employees stay?

50 Best and Worst Retention Comments

These real employee survey comments help shed light onto why employees really leave — and what motivates them to stick around.

Here's a quick snapshot of what you'll read:



"They will have to burn the building down before I leave... and even then I may just work in the ashes."

"I have been an employee here for 45 years and will stay to my last moments."

"This office is without question closer than some families."



"Employees are having nightmares and are afraid to come into work."

"This company is part of a long downhill death."

"I honestly feel as if the company wants us to leave, and if we don't leave on our own accord the company will force us out eventually."



What are your employees saying? Quantum Workplace's all-in-one employee engagement software can help you and your managers collect employee comments, sort through them easily and effectively, and identify areas for improvement. Interested? Click here to learn more about Quantum Workplace and how it will help boost employee engagement.


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Published November 30, 2017 | Written By Natalie Wickham