Checklist: 16 Employee Survey Questions About Management

employee survey questions

You’ve heard the adage: People leave managers, not companies. While many factors play a role in preventing employee turnover and improving employee engagement, management is arguably the most critical piece.

To better understand how this plays out in your organization, your employee engagement survey needs to include survey questions that capture valuable data on perceptions of managers.


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We’ve compiled 16 employee survey questions about management to cover in your employee engagement survey. You certainly don’t need to include them all, but asking questions along these lines will help you uncover insights and opinions about your managers and improve your workplace.


Top 4 employee survey questions about management from our I/O psychology experts

1. Do you regularly receive constructive performance feedback from your manager?

2. Do you understand how your performance is measured?

3. Do you think your manager cares about you as a person?

4. Does your manager care about your development?


Survey questions about manager communication

5. Does management clearly communicate expectations?

6. Does your manager effectively communicate the information you need to understand?

7. Does management explain the reasons behind decisions made?

8. Do managers handle disagreements professionally?

9. Does your manager explain how the organization’s future plans affect you?


Survey questions about manager trust and respect

10. Does your manager create a trusting and open environment?

11. Does your manager treat everyone on the team fairly?

12. Is your manager responsive to your ideas, requests, and suggestions?


Survey questions about manager effectiveness

13. Are you confident in the overall effectiveness of your immediate manager?

14. Does your manager have the expertise and ability to help you and your team succeed?


Survey questions about career development

15. Do you and your manager discuss your career within this organization?


Survey questions about work-life balance

16. Does your manager recognize the importance of your personal and family life?



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