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Kristin Ryba

Kristin Ryba

As the Inbound Marketing Manager at Quantum Workplace, Kristin is passionate about making work awesome for every employee.

Articles by Kristin Ryba

Understanding the Manager’s Role in Employee Engagement

3.17.20 by Kristin Ryba
Employee Engagement, Managers & Leaders

Disengaged employees cost U.S. organizations a staggering $450-550 billion each year. For companies that want to stay competitive, that’s no small problem.


Yet despite the efforts of businesses across industries, U.S. employee engagement reached only 34% in 2018.


So when better benefits,...

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One on One Meeting Guide: How to Drive Successful Conversations

3.3.20 by Kristin Ryba
Employee Engagement, Performance Management

One on one meetings are a critical component of employee, team, and business success.


To achieve important business goals, it’s essential for managers and employees to stay connected and aligned. There must be trust, accountability, and ample opportunities for honest feedback. And all of this...

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How to Run a Focus Group: Employee Focus Group Best Practices

11.21.19 by Kristin Ryba
Employee Engagement, Employee Feedback

There is no better way to source fresh (and effective) workplace ideas than asking your employees.


Employee focus groups are a great way to gather employee feedback. This feedback can help ensure you’re building strategies that will have a true impact. But if you’re a focus group beginner, you...

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Making Time and Space for Performance Management

11.5.19 by Kristin Ryba
Performance Management

Time is a precious resource for managers and is a definite obstacle to making performance a priority. Between their own work, daily meetings, special projects, and reporting to leadership, many managers feel they don’t have enough time to spend on performance management.

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10 Tips for Building a Feedback Culture

11.1.19 by Kristin Ryba
Employee Feedback, Performance Management

Whether it comes as a gut-punch or a standing ovation, feedback is one of the best ways for us to know if we’re doing something right or wrong.


Every business has guidelines about how feedback is handled. A strong feedback culture welcomes feedback and uses it to foster the growth of...

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What Employees Think About Inclusion in the Workplace [New Research]

10.10.19 by Kristin Ryba
Company Culture, Research & Trends

Diversity and inclusion go hand-in-hand in the workplace. While diversity is about having a mix of people with differences and similarities, inclusion is about creating a fair and safe environment that supports and empowers that mix of people.

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