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Performance Management on a Dime: 4 Strategies for Mid-Market Companies with Limited HR Resources

2.26.17 by Natalie Hackbarth


Your small to mid-size company is growing, but there are little to no resources for HR. However, as your number of employees increases, you know it is important to begin to establish some structure around performance management. Without a full-time HR person or a fancy HRMI system, how can you begin to introduce performance management policies and metrics?


Here are 4 simple, manageable, and budget-friendly strategies for introducing performance management into your growing business.


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Why Employees Need Peer Coaching

2.22.17 by Megan Maslanka
Developing Employees,

One of HR’s main priorities is to drive employee performance and growth. More often than not, they try to do this with the traditional learning and development resources: conferences, training sessions, webinars, and—oh yes—the infamous job shadowing and cross-training. Although each of these traditional L&D opportunities have their place in growing an individual, it’s unlikely that these once- or twice-a-year activities will impact employees’ engagement, retention, or productivity. But hey, it never hurts to keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result! (That was sarcasm.)


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[Infographic] 17 Shocking Employee Turnover Statistics

2.17.17 by Annabelle Smyth
Turnover & Retention,

How much money is your business losing to high employee turnover — you might be shocked to find out!

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8 Things Your Employee Goal Setting Software MUST Do

2.15.17 by Hilary Wright
OKRs and Goals,

After using our goal setting software internally across all teams and seeing it work for clients, like Hudl and Nebraska Families Collaborative, we’ve learned different types of organizations and different types of job functions
approach goals differently. As a result, we understand that the best employee goal setting and tracking software provides flexibility and customization while allowing you to incorporate crucial goal best practices. If you’re looking for a system that will support goals across your entire organization, here are the top eight features you need. 

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No Love: 9 Ways to Completely Fail at Employee Recognition

2.13.17 by Natalie Hackbarth

We’re all familiar with the benefits of employee recognition. When employees feel valued, they’re more engaged, more motivated, and more likely to go the extra mile for their company (just to name a few). But despite knowing the impact it can have on employee morale and business success, some companies still completely fail at employee recognition. 


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