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The Consumerization of HR: What Does It Mean for the Performance Management Process?

4.23.17 by Natalie Hackbarth
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At the end of a long day, when you collapse into the couch and prop your feet up on the coffee table, isn’t it just the best when Netflix serves up a menu of “Because you watched…” options that are custom picked for you? It’s like Netflix just knows you. The days of mindlessly clicking through hundreds of channels just to settle on some rerun of “Friends” or an infomercial are over, my friend.


What’s wrong with this glorious world of picked-for-you media? Well, unfortunately the rest of the world hasn’t caught up with this personalization quite yet. Which can become especially disappointing when you get used to your TV, social media accounts, and Amazon profile learning about your interests and preferences, and serving up tailored options for your consideration.


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10 Painless Ways to Give Constructive Employee Feedback

4.19.17 by Hilary Wright
Developing Employees,


Marc Effron, publisher of Talent Quarterly, once said about employee feedback, “Feedback is the broccoli of conversations. It’s not very appetizing and we’d prefer something else if possible, but deep down we know that ultimately it’s good for us.” 


I actually love broccoli. You know what makes broccoli delicious? A little butter and salt. Or cheese…or ranch, if it’s raw. (How very American of me.) Maybe Marc was onto something though; with the right condiments, the right conditions, we can make employee feedback a little more appealing and a little less painful to swallow. 


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The Curious Case of Cross Training Employees

4.18.17 by Dan Harris
Developing Employees,

Our latest research investigates which learning and development opportunities are most commonly offered, which opportunities employees utilize most, and which opportunities they appreciate or prefer most. On the surface, there weren’t any groundbreaking discoveries. However, we didn’t stop there: I dug deeper by comparing engagement levels across individuals who preferred the five most utilized learning and development opportunities; and a rather curious set of results emerged. 



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4 Super Powers of an HR Superhero

4.14.17 by Philip Schmidt

Powers from the gods, lavish hideouts, and awesome costumes…these are the first things that come to mind when most people think of superheroes. But their super powers and sick gear are nothing compared to the heroes behind the masks: it’s their genuine humanness that drives us to read their comics, watch their movies, and sport their logos on our t-shirts.


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Poaching: Combat the Growing Challenge in Employee Retention

Developing Employees, Recruitment & Hiring, Turnover & Retention,


Poaching employees is nothing new; business competitors have been wooing one another's top talent for decades. But with more connectivity and networking tools in the professional arena, along with a newly minted website (formerly that's dedicated to putting "everyone in the world in the best job for them," how can your employee retention efforts compete?

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The Tenure Curve: How Tenure Impacts Employee Engagement

4.11.17 by Dan Harris
Research & Trends,

Aggregate employee engagement provides a metric for the general state of engagement at your organization. But that’s really all it does – give you a score. It’s not until you start segmenting your survey results by demographics – location, department, position level, gender – that you find truly insightful and actionable data into what motivates individual employees and how you can increase engagement. When further analyzing engagement by how long an employee had worked at an organization, we uncovered a very interesting trend – coined the “tenure curve.”

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