Equity Residential

Uses Detailed Reports to Create a Workplace That Feels Like Home

Detailed reports and actionable data give Equity Residential the insight it needs to create a workplace where the best in the business are proud to work.

Cory Cancila

“Quantum's reporting suite is first-rate and provides managers with an easy-to-use online reporting tool. Our leaders gained access to their engagement results just days after the survey closed. For the first time, managers were able to go online and dig into their results to better understand the factors driving their team's engagement. The tools for commitment planning helped managers debrief and set goals to positively impact engagement. Quantum simplified the engagement survey process for us, and we are delighted with the results.”

Cory Cancila
Senior Vice President, Human Resources

The Company

From a modest beginning in the early 1960s to a now industry leader, Equity Residential has been transforming the way business is done. The real estate giant has prided itself on its state-of-the-art operating system: “from the way we develop our people, cultivate our culture, and connect with our residents.” In its five decades of existence, buildings have changed, but its basic philosophy (and reason for success) has remained the same—create a workplace where the best people are proud to work. After all, Executive Vice President of Human Resources said, “The company with the best people wins.”

Size: 1,001-5,000

Industry: Real Estate

Solution: Employee Engagement Survey

The Challenges

Equity Residential has always known that a positive work environment would keep employees engaged and business thriving. But simply measuring engagement wasn’t enough. In order to keep the best people in the business, Equity needed to take action. But how? Leaders needed more insight. They needed a way to transform employee survey results into actionable data and detailed reports in order pinpoint areas of focus. Additional insight would allow Equity Residential to gain a better understanding of engagement, implement positive and impactful changes, keep top talent engaged and loyal, and create a workplace that truly feels like home.

The Solution

A detailed suite of real-time engagement reports that pinpoint key areas of focus:

  • Engagement results within four days of survey close
  • Eight detailed, intuitive engagement reports
  • Ability to give leaders full access to their teams’ reports
  • Ability to slice’n’dice reports by preloaded demographics
  • Custom benchmarks to gauge success against industry competitors