The Company

Hudl is a leading player in the world of sports technology.

The global Hudl team, comprising more than 3,200 employees across 17 countries, has built the world’s biggest library of sports video and data. From cameras that capture every play to analytics that give teams the competitive edge, Hudl’s innovative tech has transformed the way more than 200,000 teams—across 40+ sports—train, strategize and compete.

At the heart of Hudl’s operations are core values that inform every decision the company makes. These include a commitment to fostering a culture of belonging through winning and teamwork, thriving on the front lines, active listening and respectful, honest feedback.

The Challenges

Hudl, like many companies, found itself in the throes of the Great Resignation. High attrition rates across multiple industries created a fiercely competitive market for top talent. The unprecedented turnover led to a loss in productivity, revenue and morale, with open positions taking longer to fill due to the intense tussle for skilled professionals.

During this time, Hudl identified a growing demand for growth and development programs within the organization, particularly among managers and top talent. This need was communicated through various employee listening channels, including annual engagement surveys, upward feedback and exit data collected through the Quantum Workplace platform.

At the intersection of change and growth, Hudl remained deeply committed to fostering diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility and belonging (DEIAB) within its ranks. The company sought to develop managers and top talent as key strategic differentiators on the playing field, while ensuring every employee feels valued and empowered.

The Solution

Hudl, a 2023 Employee Voice Award (EVA) winner, placed immense value on employee listening, using it as a catalyst for business strategies and enhancements to its employee experience program. Streamlining its talent practices within the Quantum Workplace platform made it easier to effectively gather and leverage employee feedback.

“We have two organizational values that directly align to our Quantum initiatives: ‘We Listen’ and ‘We’re Respectfully Blunt.’ These values are at the core of nearly everything we do and we strongly believe that everyone has a role to play, from both the top down and bottom up,” said Janell Hager, Hudl’s Senior Director of Global Talent Management & Organizational Development.

From C-suite leaders taking the reins of employee engagement to HR teams managing employee success programs and providing coaching, everyone has a role. Managers spearhead communication, action planning and mentorship within their teams, while employees are part of the solutioning and foster a dynamic feedback-and-action loop that creates positive impact.

Leveraging Quantum Workplace's robust analysis, personalized insights and simplified reporting features, Hudl has been able to drive shared accountability beyond HR and executive circles. Tools such as manager analytics, TEAM Reports and the ME Report empower leaders and employees to understand, validate and act on their engagement data.

“We’ve built in accountability for all. We’ve established roles and responsibilities for everyone across the company and share that regularly as we kick off any of our cyclical processes,” said Hager. “As a result, we’ve really leaned into action plans for every team for our engagement survey and managers’ upward feedback.”

Hudl's commitment to continuous improvement is reflected in its flexible approach, a philosophy shared by Quantum Workplace. Additional demographic filters were added for Hudl’s team to gain a deeper understanding of its data. This has surfaced key opportunities and obstacles that Hudl has prioritized, culminating in a significant 13-point boost in employee satisfaction scores, from our first survey in 2020 to our most recent survey in 2023.

Survey results and subsequent engagement initiatives are communicated with clarity and frequency. By demonstrating how it utilizes the data and responds to feedback, Hudl consistently achieves impressive participation rates of over 90% in bi-annual performance check-ins, and 90% in engagement surveys. Additionally, a near-perfect 99% completion rate is maintained in the annual talent reviews process.

With a clear insight into its talent pool, Hudl can effectively identify potential leaders—reducing the time to fill key positions and paving the way for succession planning. It is also the cornerstone of employee success initiatives like manager development workshops and performance improvement planning.

Partnering with Quantum Workplace has given Hudl the tools to successfully listen to its people and drive changes in growth, development, DEIAB, employee communication and internal processes.

“Turnover is down by more 10%; engagement is higher and exceeds the industry benchmarks provided by Quantum,” said Hager. “And our newest process, manager upward feedback, scored higher than expected with an overall score of 5.33/6.”
Janell Hager, Senior Director of Global Talent Management & Organizational Development

Hudl implements Quantum Workplace’s employee success platform to:

  • Streamline and simplify talent practices, empowering all levels of the organization to drive employee engagement and success
  • Tune in to the organization’s employee voice to understand and prioritize critical changes
  • Identify and match top talent to growth and development opportunities

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