The Company

Rooted in a combination of merit and trust, Meritrust Credit Union is a financial institution that services members across numerous locations in Kansas. The organization believes in secure financial management for its members and cultivates an environment of collaboration and honesty amongst its workforce. 

The Challenge

Meritrust had recently turned a spotlight on curating professional development opportunities within their organization. Although leadership believed their current professional development offerings were sufficient, they realized that there was a disconnect in how their employees felt. Using intentional language that resonated strongly with employees, Meritrust reframed the opportunities they provided. This clarity became instrumental in ensuring that employees understood exactly what Meritrust offered. 

Providing opportunities for professional development using communication that connected with employees and curating a strong culture upon a hybrid work environment was emphasized at Meritrust. This focus was felt throughout the organization, but Meritrust needed concrete data to prove that their hard work was truly making an impact. 

The Solution

Working together with an Insight Analyst from the Insights People Team at Quantum Workplace, Meritrust customized new engagement survey content in the hopes of gathering substantial data. The goal was to ask a specific question targeting exactly what it was that made employees want to stay at Meritrust. 

Meritrust was able to use Quantum’s software to turn that single-choice question into a demographic on their survey analytics. That meant they were able to discover concrete data in the results that supported what they believed all along. The information uncovered in the engagement survey revealed that Meritrust’s company culture and professional development opportunities were the two biggest keys to employee retention. Meritrust finally had proof that their improved retention strategy was effective in engaging and retaining their employee population. In collaboration with their Insights Analyst from Quantum Workplace, Meritrust was able to tell that story within their data. 


Meritrust worked with their Quantum Workplace team to develop an engagement survey and identify the key categories that have improved their employees’ engagement and work experience. If your organization is ready to learn more about how utilizing Quantum Workplace can make work better every day, please visit our website and contact a member of our sales team: 

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