The Company

Seacoast Bank is a trusted financial institution with the mission of improving lives and building communities in Florida.  

Established in 1926, it is one of Florida's largest publicly traded banks with offices stretching from Broward County throughout the Treasure Coast into Orlando, west to Tampa, and surrounding counties.  

Investing in local talent attuned to the needs of their communities enables Seacoast Bank to create simpler and more efficient processes for better banking. A legacy of integrity, trust, and human connection steers both the bank's customer experience and employee experience.   

Seacoast Bank strongly believes in building a culture where employees’ voices are heard, and where they are respected for bringing their whole selves to work. This commitment to inclusivity has earned it a perfect score for workplace equality from the Human Rights Foundation and recognition in the Best Places to Work contest. 

The Challenge

Seacoast Bank is a highly engaged workplace. As the bank rapidly expanded through a series of acquisitions, the organization’s employee listening framework needed enhancement to achieve greater impact. They needed more listening mechanisms outside of their annual engagement survey—and more ways for managers and teams to get involved before, during, and after the survey. 

The Solution

Organizational culture is the shared responsibility of every employee. Seacoast Bank realized that to build an engaging employee experience and magnetic culture, its managers and teams needed to buy in to engagement—and become engagement champions. 

“Engagement at Seacoast Bank started as an HR-led activity,” says Olivia Kirchman, AVP, HR Business Partner at Seacoast Bank.  

“We’ve put a lot of work in place to have it slowly progress over the years to not just a leader or a manager priority, but a priority that every associate feels ownership of across the entire bank.”  


The Seacoast HR team worked with senior leaders to build awareness and understanding around the importance and impact of associate engagement. They used ROI data and success stories to prove the link between engagement and business results. With the support of their leadership team, Seacoast leveraged Quantum Workplace’s employee success platform to survey employees and engage associates at all levels of the bank. 

Outside of their annual engagement survey, Seacoast also listens to associates through lifecycle surveys, strategic pulse surveys, and manager-associates 1-on-1s. 

“Thanks to the capabilities and partnership with Quantum Workplace, we feel like this was such a great investment,” says Olivia.  

“We have been able to create and implement a continuous listening strategy at Seacoast that measures moments that matter across the employee lifecycle. We feel like we have a really solid pulse into the voice of our associates.”  
In the first few years of surveying employees, Seacoast was mostly focused on gathering data to help them understand what associates were thinking and feeling. But after a dip in survey participation in the first couple of years of surveying, the team knew they needed to do more. 

“Change doesn’t happen overnight,” says Olivia.  

“We worked our way up to 95% survey participation over the years by gaining buy in from our leaders around the importance of the survey. We moved from focusing on data collection to building out actionable commitment plans. We knew that associates needed to see and feel more change happening because of their feedback.” 


Quantum Workplace made it easy for Seacoast’s HR team to capture feedback from employees—and for teams to build commitments based on feedback. The platform’s reporting tools help Seacoast’s HR leaders identify trends and surface actionable insights for discussion with senior executives.  
Once the HR team has a grasp on the survey results, they take a top-down approach to sharing out results across the entire organization—starting with the CEO, then the senior leadership team, and all the way down to people managers. 

Quantum Workplace’s simplified manager reporting helps managers and teams easily understand, validate, and improve on what matters most in real time. The platform presents analysis and insights in interactive visualizations that are easy to slice and dice to see results across different demographics, teams, and business segments. 

The Seacoast HR team works diligently with people managers to help them understand and act on their team’s unique results through webinars and engagement-driven 1-on-1s between managers and HR business partners. HR holds managers accountable to discussing results with their team and building commitments for the upcoming year.  

Employees also steer their journey at Seacoast Bank. It starts with their personalized ME report in Quantum Workplace, where associates receive a summary of their responses and tips for how they can improve their own engagement. Associate engagement committees leverage collaborative action planning tools to drive action and follow-up, which helps keep engagement and growth top of mind all year long.  

“For our HR team, having the tools to mobilize our managers and associates around engagement allows us to focus less on tactics and more on the overall strategy,” says Angel Birch, SVP, Director of Learning & Leadership Development at Seacoast Bank.  

“We can consult, provide guidance, and collaborate on commitments with managers. But we get to spend more time reflecting on the data and trends from an enterprise lens and building a more holistic approach to engagement across the organization.” 


Quantum Workplace has helped Seacoast Bank drive associate engagement with a simple yet robust survey platform; a scientific approach and best practices; and tools that make it easy for leaders, managers, and teams to participate in understanding and driving engagement. Since implementing Quantum Workplace, Seacoast has seen impact on key business areas like turnover and employee development.  

“In certain teams, the promotion rate and key success metrics for that business unit have increased. But it's not just from launching an employee engagement survey; it's from these constant touchpoints facilitated by Quantum Workplace's employee success platform." 


Seacoast Bank leverages Quantum Workplace’s employee success platform to: 

  • Implement a continuous listening strategy that allows the organization to measure and take action around what matters most 
  • Empower managers and teams at all levels of the organization to make sense of the organization’s engagement data through simplified reporting 
  • Mobilize teams to build an engaging employee experience through collaborative action planning and engagement-driven 1-on-1 conversations 

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