333 One-on-One Meetings

per Month

100 Recognitions Given

per Month

450+ Feedback Sessions

Per Year

The Company

Hudl is a leading performance analysis company revolutionizing the way coaches and athletes prepare for and stay ahead of the competition.

Sports + tech company, Hudl helps coaches and athletes win with the tools to edit and share video, study play diagrams, and create highlight reels. Serving more than 114,000 teams and 3.5 million users, Hudl has grown incredibly fast since its founding in 2006. Now with offices in Lincoln, Omaha, Boston, London, and Sydney, Hudl prides itself on its culture of using #RealTalk, where its 450 employees are encouraged to give respectfully blunt feedback for the betterment of the team.

The Challenges

With both #RealTalk and sports performance analysis at the core of its business, Hudl always understood the value of providing employee feedback and reviewing and improving performance in real-time.

The tech company used a variety of free technologies to band-aid together a performance management solution, but the processes and tools weren’t scaling with Hudl’s fast growth. Performance management became unmanageable for HR and resulted in a painful employee experience. Hudl needed an easy-to-use solution that would scale, while staying true to having #RealTalk in real-time.

The Solution

Quantum Workplace's affordable, three-part, performance motivation system that scales globally:
  • Online, peer-to-peer recognition board
  • A mix of HR-initiated and employee-initiated one-on-ones and 360-feedback sessions
  • Easy-to-use, all-in-one tech for 450 users
  • Streamlined processes and templates to lighten the HR administrative burden
  • BambooHR integration to update employee information automatically
Adam Parrish from HUDL
Quantum [Workplace] has been dedicated to our success since day one. The days of the annual review are gone. To be successful, your team needs frequent, continuous feedback. Quantum knows this and has built tools that embrace this way of thinking.

Adam Parrish
Head of HR

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