The Company

Frontline Education is a leading provider of administrative software that empowers K-12 leaders in their pursuit of success. They provide innovative, connected solutions for human capital management, student and special programs and business operations, with powerful data and analytics. Through the power of Frontline’s technology, school leaders are able to enhance efficiency, increase productivity and improve overall district operations, which enables them to focus on more strategic initiatives that drive student success.

Their commitment extends beyond software, aiming to equip educators with the right tools, data, and insights –from the Frontline Research & Learning Institute—to innovate and prepare the next generation of learners.

As a trusted partner, purpose-built to serve the K-12 community, Frontline Education stands at the forefront of supporting education leaders throughout their digital transformation.

The Challenges

Much like many companies around the globe rebounding from the pandemic and what was deemed “The Great Resignation”, Frontline wanted to focus their efforts on fostering meaningful employee engagement opportunities and improving employee satisfaction, which would in turn lead to greater retention rates.

Recognizing that engagement was at the heart of their success, Frontline embarked on a transformative journey known as: Project Pinwheel.

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This internal strategy was meticulously designed to shape their work environment and methodologies, accommodating in-office, hybrid, and fully remote employees.

By fostering opportunities for enhanced engagement among diverse teams, both in-person and virtually, Project Pinwheel aimed to strengthen collaboration and create a cohesive and connected workforce.

In a time of change during and post-pandemic, Frontline Education knew they wanted to proactively invest in a long-term solution that:

  • Helped them attract new talent
  • Helped them retain existing talent
  • And enabled them to continue to provide exceptional service and support to their customers

In order to meet these needs, they first needed to find the right employee strategy alongside Pinwheel.

The Solution

Is it possible to solve for your customers while also centering the employee experience? For Frontline Education, this dual-focus was a no-brainer.

Frontline Education experienced significant improvements in retention and employee satisfaction after implementing proven employee engagement strategies. Their goal? Create a culture rooted in authentic core values where employees could thrive as individuals and within a team.

The company developed a comprehensive engagement strategy under the branded acronym Frontline LIFT targeting:

  • Learning & Recognition
  • Inclusion & Belonging
  • Fitness & Well-being
  • Talent Development

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Much of their success can be tied to executive and leadership endorsement. Frontline’s executive leaders played a pivotal role in prioritizing culture and engagement, viewing them as the key to becoming a destination employer. And with this focused support, came the investment and resources to make Frontline LIFT a possibility.


The results of their efforts were impressive:

  • 66% decrease in open requisitions
  • 50% reduction in employee turnover
  • And a 14% increase in their engagement survey index.

Frontline Education understood the importance of employee feedback. That’s why they conducted regular surveys to understand their workforce's needs and aspirations. This employee feedback revealed requests for more information on future plans, additional learning and development opportunities, and a strong interest in growth within the company.

“We have such a fundamental belief in listening to the voice our employees, which is why the award is so meaningful to us. We believe that the survey helps us to seek employee feedback to help us to shape our engagement programming as well as the Frontline LIFT strategy to better achieve our employees needs and goals for engagement and culture. Our Frontliners are the reason we do everything we do. At Frontline, we leverage our survey to gain insight to enable our employees and our business to flourish.”

- Jodi Dickinson, Chief Human Resources Officer

Frontline Education leverages Quantum Workplace's powerful reporting tools to drive employee engagement, development, and strategic planning. With the Presentation report, Categories report, and Engagement index, Frontline gains valuable insights into employee analytics and sentiment. These reports are utilized at every level of the organization, from executives to HR to department-level teams, allowing data-driven decision-making for engagement programming.

By listening to the voice of their employees through Quantum Workplace, Frontline Education creates a thriving and inclusive workplace where everyone's voice is heard and valued.

Using these data-centric employee insights, Frontline Education could ensure that their engagement strategies were widely embraced across the organization, with the entire company rallying around the purpose and benefits.

The Executive and Senior Leadership Teams served as role models, cascading the strategies to their respective teams and departments. Company-wide action plans were introduced, focused on elevating employee voices, improving communication on future plans, and enhancing recognition, all while fostering a continuous learning environment.

“Given our commitment to employee engagement and the new strategies activated, employees feel appreciated, have a sense of pride working at Frontline and feel aligned to our core values. These efforts have also created positive outcomes for our business.”

- Kate Kandrick, Human Resources Director

Through collective leadership and commitment to these key areas, Frontline Education believes it can make significant progress in enhancing employee engagement and culture.

The company is poised to build on their successes, striving for higher participation rates and seeking ongoing feedback for continuous improvement. With a dedicated approach to employee success and a focus on nurturing talent and engagement, Frontline Education is well-positioned to achieve its goals and create a vibrant and thriving workplace.

What’s Next for Frontline Education?

Frontline Education is committed to an exciting future, with a strong focus on expanding employee engagement through a diverse array of programs, all aligned with the four Frontline LIFT pillars and the voice the Frontline employees.

The company recognizes the vital role it plays in supporting educators and students, and it will continue to innovate and reinforce its commitment to exceptional client experiences. Internally, Frontline Education will continue to optimize its processes, ensuring they are streamlined and effective and designed to drive outcomes for their clients.

By fostering a culture of efficiency, the company aims to maximize its impact and drive meaningful outcomes for its employees, clients, and the education community at large.

With a strong vision and a passion for empowering both its employees and the education sector, Frontline Education is poised for continued growth, success, and positive impact in the years to come.

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