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The Company                   

For over a century now, Mutual of Omaha has made it their mission to help customers achieve goals and live the financial future they desire. 

A Fortune 500 company, Mutual of Omaha was founded on a simple but powerful principle: to help people in their time of need and protect those they love the most. Placing customers and their best interests ahead of everything else drives Mutual of Omaha to purse innovations and optimum solutions relentlessly.

The company offers a variety of insurance and financial products for individuals, businesses, and groups. Their employees actively support 200 nonprofit organizations, reflecting Mutual of Omaha's emphasis on giving back to the community. Their philanthropy is evident in their eponymous charity foundation, established to help break the cycle of poverty. 

The Challenge

Talent recruitment is a never-ending quest, and in recent years, the market has become increasingly competitive. For Mutual of Omaha, one of the biggest hurdles is fulfilling technology roles, and they have seen the highest turnover occurring within the first two years of employment. But as talent is among the company's key priorities and investment areas, it further drives home their top commitment: continuously building on employee engagement and experience. 

Employee engagement, the company realizes, is critical to their success. Without dedicated associates, Mutual of Omaha would not be able to deliver on their promises to customers. In 2020, the company set out to improve favorability on the engagement driver “I understand the organization’s plans for future success”, knowing organizational clarity needed to be improved across various employee levels within the organization.  

How was Mutual of Omaha to attract top talent, keep their employees engaged, and improve clarity on their organizational vision all at once?  

The Solution

Mutual of Omaha knew having the right insights would help them troubleshoot effectively. They turned to Quantum Workplace, utilizing the complete range of surveys to identify areas of focus and opportunities. 

For their leaders to keep a close eye on vision clarity, Mutual of Omaha conducted an engagement survey. The results were highly encouraging: favorability increased among all levels of employees, most significantly among the Senior Vice President group at 22% over the prior year.  

The company sought to enhance the employee experience at every stage, from onboarding to exit, enhancing the virtual onboarding of associates, and incorporating diversity and inclusion to align with their strong culture of emphasizing support for one another.  

Another point of interest was adapting to post-pandemic work arrangements. Using the Pulse function in the Quantum Workplace platform, Mutual of Omaha ran a survey in November 2021 to gather employees’ preferences and expectations. The feedback led to effective work arrangements that catered to employees’ needs and best practices to facilitate hybrid work environments. They also leveraged Pulse in their War for Talent survey in January 2022 to get a feel of how equipped the company was to attract, engage, and retain talent.  

On top of that, with learning and growth being an essential part of their work culture, the company wanted to encourage employees to create, track, and manage their goals.  

“Our goal was to have 90% of associates make progress on a goal in their learning and growth plan. This goal was self-reported through the Quantum Pulse platform. Last year we accomplished (nearly) the impossible. Based on survey results, 93% of associates say they have made progress on their learning and growth plan.” 


In order to engage employees to boost performance and drive business success, Mutual of Omaha uses Quantum Workplace to:

  • Gather valuable employee insights through a variety of surveys on topics that are instrumental to their organizational success 
  • Improve employee engagement and experience from onboarding to exit, including post-pandemic hybrid working preferences  
  • Check in on a corporate scorecard objective for each employee to activate their learning and growth goals and track their progress 

“In our most recent associate check-in survey (May 2022), all engagement outcome questions increased with the overall Engagement Index up 2+ from October of 2021. Overall, 35 out of 36 of our items increased in favorability in our 2021 engagement survey, including our Inclusion Index (+4.5%), which we are always striving to put significant effort towards.” 



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