26.5% Increase in Employee Headcount

Year Over Year

80% of Employees are Active Users

in Quantum Workplace's Platform

88% are Motivated by Recognition

to Exceed Expectations

The Company

A leader in the franchise fitness industry, Orangetheory prides itself on being more than just a place to get a good workout.

Founded in 2010, Orangetheory has expanded to over 1,300 operating studios worldwide. Their goal is to help members achieve more out of life, not only inside an Orangetheory studio but also at home, at work, or with family and friends. The same holds true for the company as an employer. Orangetheory knows the importance of providing a work environment that gives employees a healthy work-life balance. 

The Challenge

Aggressive growth trajectory creates need for recognition solution.

With an aggressive growth trajectory, Orangetheory knew they needed to create and maintain a culture where employees felt rewarded, valued, and acknowledged. They wanted employees to see that what they did today had an impact on the company's future – and feel appreciated for their efforts. With their fast-paced work environment, they desired a simple solution for employee recognition that could easily be adopted and inserted into their workflow—a tool where recognition could happen from the top down, as well as peer-to-peer.

The Solution

An easy-to-use software that created and accelerated a culture of recognition and appreciation by:
  • Keeping employees motivated and engaged
  • Making employees feel valued
  • Providing a platform for company-wide, public acknowledgement
  • Helping employees see how they fit into the "big picture"
Christine Carr from Orangetheory
We were looking for an engagement tool to keep our employees motivated, engaged, and to reward them. We get all of that from Quantum Workplace, so we love it! It has been a big catalyst in helping us grow our culture at Orangetheory.

Christine Carr
Director of People Resources

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