The Company

Bethpage Federal Credit Union has been a beacon of financial stability and community service since its inception, over 80 years ago. Just like when they first opened, they are keeping their promise to continuously meet the changing needs of our members with personal service, convenience, and value. Bethpage stands as a testament to excellence in banking services and employee engagement. Founded on principles of integrity, inclusivity, and commitment to enriching lives, Bethpage has been on a journey to create a workplace where every individual feels valued and empowered to contribute their best. 

Challenges Faced

In the dynamic landscape of the modern workforce, Bethpage faced new challenges that demanded innovative solutions. With aspirations to expand nationally, the Credit Union grappled with the task of crafting an engaging employee experience that transcended geographical boundaries. Additionally, the imperative to foster a robust Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategy loomed large, necessitating initiatives that promoted belonging and authenticity across the organization. 

Opportunities Seized

Recognizing that talent is the cornerstone of success, Bethpage seized the opportunity to cultivate a workplace culture where every employee thrives. By embracing a people-centric approach, the Credit Union aimed to attract and retain top talent from a diverse talent pool, enabling them to realize their full potential within the organization. 

Solutions Implemented and Tangible Results Achieved 

Bethpage Federal Credit Union embarked on a comprehensive journey to elevate its employee experience and DEI initiatives, driven by a deep commitment to fostering a workplace where every individual thrives. Leveraging Quantum Workplace tools as a cornerstone of their employee listening strategy, Bethpage utilized engagement surveys to identify key areas for improvement and guide targeted actions. 

“Providing trends through BPTW benchmark organizations on everything from overall engagement levels, to pay, to recognition, have helped us take a broader view on factors that may or may not be within our control, and provides some context to the results.” Michelle Piccirillo, Organizational Development Relationship Manager at Bethpage Federal Credit Union 


Through strategic action plans and comprehensive communication strategies, Bethpage witnessed tangible results in key areas. Employee engagement soared as perceptions of compensation fairness increased by 28% over two years, and likeliness to recommend Bethpage as a great place to work rose by over 6%. 

" Creating a safe and engaging space for all employees has helped establish a deeper trust which allows us to create opportunities to tap into everyone’s thoughts, understanding, and potential, and achieve greater success together." emphasized Melissa Feeney, EVP/Chief Admin Officer at Bethpage. " How employees experience Bethpage is critical; our employees are the fabric of our company and core to our success. " 


To address challenges related to compensation fairness, Bethpage initiated a multi-year, comprehensive compensation study. Initial outcomes of phase 1 included adjustments to some base salaries, with phase 2 currently underway. These efforts resulted in a dramatic shift in employee perceptions, with the related survey question on fair pay increasing by 28% in favorability over 2 years. 

In addition to compensation initiatives, Bethpage prioritized its DEI strategy, recognizing the importance of fostering an inclusive culture where every individual feels valued and respected. The Credit Union's dedicated DEI Team spearheaded various initiatives, including educational programs, the establishment of a DEI Advisory Council, and the introduction of "B Inclusive" flex days to celebrate diverse holidays. 

Through continuous listening and targeted action, Bethpage Federal Credit Union has emerged as a beacon of excellence in the financial industry, setting new standards for employee engagement and inclusivity. As the Credit Union continues its journey towards a brighter, more inclusive future, it invites organizations to join in its commitment to excellence and empowerment. 

"At Bethpage, our people are what make our culture great, and we are working tirelessly to ensure that Bethpage truly is a great place to work for everyone. Our objective is to incorporate the different elements that allow people to bring their whole selves to work and embrace our differences, which help shape our culture. " remarked Linda Armyn, CEO of Bethpage. 

What's Next for Bethpage Federal Credit Union? 

Bethpage remains steadfast in its commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. Looking ahead, the Credit Union endeavors to expand its focus on skill development, internal mobility, and DEI initiatives. By creating a skills marketplace and fostering an inclusive culture, Bethpage aims to propel its workforce towards greater heights of success and fulfillment. 

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