The Company

Benesch, a leading firm in the AEC industry, has long been committed to fostering a culture of excellence and continuous improvement. With a team of over 1,000 multidisciplinary professionals, Benesch is highly dedicated to talent management and employee development. The company's core values of integrity, collaboration, and family guide its mission to deliver exceptional results for clients while creating a supportive and inclusive workplace environment.

Opportunities Seized

In recent years, Benesch encountered areas for improvement common to organizations of its size and scope. Key among these areas were ensuring employees understood how their performance was measured, developing effective hiring and retention strategies, and implementing succession planning and skill development initiatives. The need for clear communication, robust talent development programs, and data-driven decision-making processes became a focus for the organization.

Recognizing the importance of proactive talent management strategies, Benesch seized the opportunity to enhance its employee success strategy. This included providing training for managers on conducting successful 1:1 performance conversations, developing team norms for giving and receiving feedback, and empowering employees and managers to succeed through open lines of communication.


Solutions Implemented and Tangible Results Achieved 

Benesch implemented a multifaceted employee success strategy aimed at fostering a culture of transparency, collaboration, and continuous growth. One key initiative involved enhancing the performance conversations to include clear outlines of performance measurements. This adjustment led to a double-digit increase in employee understanding of performance expectations, as revealed by the subsequent engagement surveys.

Additionally, Benesch provided comprehensive training for managers on conducting successful 1:1 performance conversations, thereby empowering them to effectively communicate with employees and set clear performance expectations. These efforts resulted in increased employee engagement and a more cohesive organizational culture.

Reflecting on Benesch's commitment to employee development, one employee remarked, "The Grow 2 Program was a well-run, thought-provoking, and engaging experience. It not only enhanced my leadership skills but also deepened my connection to Benesch."

Benesch conducted annual engagement surveys and 1:1 cycles through Quantum Workplace to help them gather valuable insights to inform strategic decision-making. And because of the seamless HRIS integration between Quantum Workplace and ADP, their HR team is able to keep employee data up-to-date effortlessly. The ability to listen to employees, ask pertinent questions, and analyze survey data proved instrumental in identifying areas for improvement and implementing targeted initiatives.

Moreover, Benesch leveraged Quantum Workplace's research capabilities and innovative products to enhance its understanding of employee needs and preferences. Managers accessed their own results analytics to inform team discussions and set goals, while the company explored the potential of Quantum's dashboard for cross-referencing survey data with employee information and exit surveys. This data-driven approach enabled Benesch to make informed decisions and drive meaningful change across the organization.

“The ability to use quantum tools to listen to employees and ask questions is key to our success. The tools provide a way to support our employees as we grow and consistently keep employee engagement at the forefront and show employees this is important to us. The research capability quantum offers to clients and new products/functionality have really helped us make decisions and move on initiatives.” - Julie Melidis, Director of Learning & Development | Senior Associate at Benesch

As a result of its proactive talent management strategies, Benesch has seen a more engaged workforce and increased participation in company initiatives. Turnover rates have remained low, while hiring statistics and retention have improved. Additionally, there has been a notable increase in interest in leadership development programs, demonstrating the positive impact of Benesch's initiatives on employee engagement and professional growth.

A regional manager praised the organization's training initiatives, stating, "Today's training program was insightful and beneficial not only for personal growth but also for the organization as a whole."

What's Next for Benesch? 

Looking ahead, Benesch remains committed to its core objectives, including continued growth, enterprise controls establishment, and talent retention and attraction. By leveraging Quantum Workplace's innovative solutions, Benesch aims to further enhance its employee success strategies and drive sustained business success.

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