of employees meet their managers once a month or more


direct reports provided feedback to over 9,600 managers

The Company

This Fortune 500 company is a global player in telecommunications. 

The Challenge

Recognizing people as its greatest asset, this company reevaluated its performance development process in 2020 and implemented changes beginning 2021. To move teams forward, it emphasized employee feedback and frequent manager communication.

For managers, the company elevated a focus on gathering feedback from direct reports through an anonymous feedback survey process twice a year.

The Solution

The company used Quantum’s flexible Feedback tools to provide managers with helpful, confidential feedback from their direct reports.

Targeted and open-ended survey questions—developed with the guidance of a Quantum Workplace Insights Analyst—provided managers with helpful and actionable feedback from their direct reports. The midyear and end-of-year feedback cycles were easily created and launched by the company’s administrator in just a few steps.

Employees who are eligible to participate based on reporting relationships receive invitations automatically. Not only did this free up time and resources, but it also helped consistently integrate feedback into workflows.

HR reinforced the importance and benefits of survey participation prior to the survey launch.

During the midyear feedback cycle in 2022, more than 9,600 managers received feedback from over 54,000 direct reports.​ On average, each manager received feedback from at least six direct reports. 

Leveraging Quantum Workplace’s Feedback analytics, trend data between cycles were easily viewed at a summary level as well as slices based on company demographics.

This emphasis on feedback is an integral part of the company’s performance development process to focus on improving performance and continuous growth.

During the midyear feedback cycle in 2022, 84% of direct reports cited they meet at least monthly with manager, with fewer than 8% meeting less than twice a year.

Employees with weekly one-on-ones had the highest praise for their manager. Conversely, those who meet less than every quarter were significantly more likely to say that their manager needs improvement in everyday coaching matters, such as career conversations and timely, actionable feedback.

Frequent manager communication within the company has helped align individual, team, and business goals. This coincides with Quantum Workplace’s best practice research on the importance of frequent manager communication 


The company uses Quantum Workplace’s flexible Feedback tools to: 

  • Help managers excel at providing engaging coaching 
  • Remove individual and team barriers to success
  • Develop high-performing teams that drive business success 



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