of global new hires (2019-2020) were women or visible minorities


of employees set their overall goals


of our employees are asked to set development goals that tie to BGO’s Culture Code and every portion decision uses that as a data point when advancing BGO talent.

The Company

Leaders in global investment and commercial real estate BentallGreenOak serves clients and partners across North America, Europe, and Asia. 

BentallGreenOak (BGO) is a leading, global real estate investment management advisor and a globally-recognized provider of real estate services. Headquartered in New York, the company is powered by a global team of 1400 + diverse experts who manage 80 billion worth of assets in 28 gateway cities around the world. BGO banks on deep local knowledge and experience, backed by extensive networks, in the regions where they invest and manage real estate assets on behalf of more than 750 institutional clients. 

The Challenge

Already a leader in global investment and real estate, BGO aspired to be a leader in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) as a strong compliment to it’s longstanding commitment to ESG. From BGO’s perspective, when it came to mirroring the representation of its numerous clientele and communities, the commercial real estate sector had a lot to catch up to. Diversity of perspective continues to be the way BGO deliverses value to its numerous clients, partners & stateholders across the globe.

Additionally for BGO, it was crucial that every single one of its employees felt valued, included, and empowered so that they could deliver their best work. Ultimately, this directly ties to better organizational results and overall performance. The company aimed to create an environment and work culture that recognized diversity of thought, unique experiences, perspectives, and viewpoints.

To steer the company on the right track, BGO first needed to assess their current starting point when it came to DE&I. With that in mind, the company leveraged Quantum Workplace’s full suite of features to their advantage.

The Solution

Immediate actions and long-term systemic change: BGO zeroed in on combining these two to achieve their goal. Another vital decision the company made was integrating DE&I considerations into existing programs, policies, and procedures instead of relying on a singular diversity policy.

"Intentional efforts were made to embed equity, diversity and inclusion into our Global Culture Code, Code of Business Conduct, Onboarding Training for new employees, Goals and Objectives (using Quantum 1-on-1), Performance Reviews ( using Quantum 1-on-1) and colleague feedback." 

To smoothen the integration and optimize results, essential processes perviously done on Word documents, such as internship requests and employee appraisals, were transitioned onto the Quantum Workplace platform. Managers would submit their requests via the Survey tool, and HR and DE&I departments utilized Survey Analytics to evaluate and approve. 

A similar process was put in place when BGO launched a global mentorship program last year that prioritized under-represented groups. The end goal was to build diverse talent pipelines and increase diverse representation in senior leadership roles. BGO turned to submit their applications. After the mentorship committee made its decision, applicants received the results via the same form. 

"We launched our Global Mentorship Program and 77% of mentees belong to under-represented groups(goal is over 60%) Through the Quantum 1-on-1 tool we were able to review applications to the program and make informed matching decisions. Further to the Mentorship journey, we referred to the last 2 years' insights derived from the colleague feedback - which enables employees to get candid, valuable performance feedback from the people they work with-to build a 1-year Professional Development program for our mentees in partnership with Harvard Manage Mentor. Having tangible data on competencies of key importance helped us to design a leadership development program that proactive builds key capacity." 


Quantum Workplace’s 1-on-1 tool was put to more uses by both employees and management—the former for listing their goals and self-initiate mid-year reviews. The latter leaned on it for performance reviews and to evaluate progress on goals, using the Snapshot feature, including those related to the company’s Culture Code and DE&I. With Snapshot, managers have a comprehensive view an employee's talent data in one convenient interface. That includes recent 1-on-1s, Feedback conversations, their open goals, and the recognition they have given and received. It also incorporates Quantum Workplaces's Vitals, which complies insights and comments from upline managers and senior leaders to capture the employee's performance impact, growth trajectory, and retention risk. 

Another Quantum Workplace tool that BGO relied on was Talent Review to support under-represented groups in growing their careers, including those who were keen on less traditional paths. The company realized that the process could be enhances by adding succession planning to this process and worked with Quantum Workplace to develop that. This involved identifying talent and interest, and rating successor readiness in 12-month increments. The insights helped bring to light any skill gaps that the employee may have, allowing managers to remediate as needed while promoting growth and development in areas that matter. Quantum Workplace's robust platform also enabled BGO to track diversity metrics and align their succession pool with the company's DE&I goals. 


BenrallGreenOak uses Quantum Workplace's full platform to: 

  • Collect employee opinions and reactions on Culture Code and DE&I through a feedback process that the company launched via Quantum Workplace Feedback tool.

  • Insights derived from colleague feedback to focus on training managers to share feedback as part of the Performance Management process.

  • Gain a holistic view of employees' overall performance and feedback using the 1-on-1 tool on Quantum Workplace.

"During BGO's year-end review, we are committed to reviewing women and minority compensation and promotion data. Wherever applicable, we also reviewed colleague feedback available through Quantum Feedback.""Leadership Investment in training our leadership to foster a culture that supports transparent, real-time and authentic feedback. Per the feedback analytics exported through the Quantum Feedback tool, we identified 'providing insightful, motivating and constructive feedback to others' was one of the bottom scoring questions for our leaders and managers. We leveraged this feedback our employees provided through the Quantum Feedback tool and concluded that developing a feedback-oriented culture would be a key driver to success when it comes to creating inclusive cultures."


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