The Company

Redwire Corporation (NYSE:RDW) is a global space infrastructure and innovation company enabling civil, commercial, and national security programs. Redwire’s proven and reliable capabilities include avionics, sensors, power solutions, critical structures, mechanisms, radio frequency systems, platforms, missions, and microgravity payloads. Redwire combines decades of flight heritage and proven experience with an agile and innovative culture. Redwire’s approximately 700 employees, working from 14 facilities located throughout the United States and Europe, are committed to building a bold future in space for humanity, pushing the envelope of discovery and science while creating a better world on Earth.

Challenges Faced and Opportunities Seized

Redwire Space has rapidly evolved from a start-up space company to a publicly listed entity on the New York Stock Exchange, boasting over 700 employees worldwide. This meteoric rise was fueled by a series of strategic acquisitions. As Redwire expanded its footprint in the space industry, it faced the critical task of unifying diverse subsidiaries under a cohesive brand identity while preserving the unique strengths of each entity.

The acquisition initiatives led to the integration of nine distinct companies into the Redwire family, each with its own culture, processes, and reputation within the space industry. The challenge was twofold: aligning business processes and fostering a unified company culture. It was a formidable task, but executed with great stride. Rapid growth necessitated the establishment of internal programs, processes, and policies to support scalability while simultaneously instilling a sense of belonging to the broader Redwire company.

Despite the challenges, Redwire recognized the opportunity to leverage its diverse talent pool and collective expertise to become a rising force in the space industry. By unifying its subsidiaries under a shared vision and culture, Redwire aimed to strengthen its position as a leader in space technology and innovation. The company saw an opportunity to foster a culture of collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement that would drive business success and propel it to new heights.

Solutions Implemented and Tangible Results Achieved

To address these challenges and seize opportunities for growth, Redwire implemented a comprehensive employee success strategy leveraging Quantum Workplace's suite of tools. Through this listening strategy, Redwire gained insights into the employee experience, enabling the company to identify areas for improvement and implement targeted initiatives.

Redwire’s employee listening strategy includes:

Annual Employee Engagement Survey: Redwire conducts an annual employee engagement survey to gather comprehensive feedback from employees across all subsidiaries. Redwire designed customized surveys tailored to the company's specific needs and demographics. The survey covered various aspects of the employee experience, including job satisfaction, organizational culture, leadership effectiveness, and career development opportunities.

Exit Surveys: In addition to the annual engagement survey, Redwire implemented exit surveys to gather feedback from departing employees. Quantum Workplace's exit survey functionality enabled Redwire to understand the reasons behind employee departures and identify opportunities for improvement in areas such as leadership, culture, and employee retention to elevate the employee experience.

Pulse Surveys: Redwire utilized pulse surveys to gather real-time feedback on specific topics or initiatives. These short, frequent surveys allowed Redwire to gauge employee sentiment on timely issues and make prompt adjustments as needed. Quantum Workplace's pulse survey feature provided Redwire with flexibility and agility in collecting feedback from employees across different departments and locations.

The insights derived from Quantum Workplace's survey data empowered Redwire to implement targeted initiatives aimed at addressing key areas of concern and driving positive change within the organization. Engagement initiatives such as the Career Launch Pad, Ask Redwire, and Virtual Leadership Coffee Talk were developed based on feedback gathered through their employee listening surveys.

The impact of these initiatives was profound. Redwire witnessed a significant decrease in regrettable attrition resulting in substantial cost savings. Moreover, employee engagement and satisfaction levels improved, with attendance at company events like town halls and CEO Office Hours reaching record highs.

By leveraging Quantum Workplace's suite of tools, Redwire was able to gain a deeper understanding of its workforce, identify areas for improvement, and implement data-driven strategies to enhance the employee experience. As a result, Redwire strengthened its position as an employer of choice in the space industry while driving business success and achieving its strategic objectives.

What’s Next for Redwire Space?

Looking ahead, Redwire remains committed to its strategic objectives, including continued growth organically and through mergers and acquisitions, establishing enterprise systems that foster employee engagement, and retaining and attracting top talent. The company will focus on adhering to fiscal responsibility and optimizing operations while maintaining execution excellence. By staying true to its core values and leveraging the power of employee feedback, Redwire is poised for continued success in the dynamic space industry landscape.

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