65% of Associates

Worked with managers to establish career goals

7% Increase

In employees who say their manager cares about their growth

9 Day Decrease

In the amount of days it takes to fill open positions

The Company

With 8,300 employees, Valet Living is an industry leader in the multifamily housing sector, providing a wide range of services to apartment communities across 40 states.

Valet Living is renowned as the largest nationally recognized full-service amenities provider, and pioneered the doorstep waste and recycling industry. They have since expanded their offerings to encompass maintenance, turns, fitness, and other resident services. Annually, Valet Living delivers over 415 million service amenities and events to approximately 1.6 million apartment homes, setting the standards in the industry.

The Challenges

Valet Living faced significant challenges in their talent management and career development processes. Previously, they relied on passive methods, hoping that internal candidates would recognize their own potential and apply for job openings. The postings lacked visibility which led to low scores in employee engagement surveys on career growth and development opportunities. That’s because simply posting the job wasn’t attracting internal talent at the rate that Valet Living wanted. 

Only 49% of operations team associates felt they had room for professional growth within the company. Exit surveys echoed these concerns, with employees citing limited career pathing as a reason for leaving. 

Visualizing talent across an 8,000-person company was a considerable hurdle. Managers often overlooked associates with the potential for a new role if it fell outside their current department. Promotions were often luck-based rather than merit-based, as the traditional "career ladder" didn't always have an open position.

“We wanted to connect the dots so that great talent wasn’t lost, and associates felt that the organization cared about more than just their current role,” says Nicole Davies, Vice President of People & Culture at Valet Living.

Valet Living needed a more proactive approach to:

  • Identify and nurture talent within the organization
  • Cater to individual career aspirations
  • Foster a culture of continuous growth within the company.

The Solution

Valet Living implemented a transformative strategy to revolutionize their talent management and career development practices using Quantum Workplace’s performance management platform as their foundation. 

They replaced the outdated annual performance review with monthly, future-focused 1-on-1 meetings, enabling proactive conversations aligned with employees' long-term goals. This shift empowered managers to serve as coaches rather than judges, resulting in increased internal promotions and improved internal mobility rates.

Quantum Workplace’s Succession Planning tools further enhanced Valet Living's talent management capabilities. These tools facilitated the creation of unique career paths for each employee, replacing their traditional linear trajectory. They also enabled leaders to identify employees' readiness factors and assess their potential for advancement. 

“Instead of spinning their wheels, leaders can quickly identify top talent,” says Davies.

Valet Living’s new program—which they call “Aspire”—supports succession planning, highlights talent gaps, and provides insights for proactive training and development.

But data collected from Quantum Workplace’s Succession Planning tool is used for more than just filling open positions. The bird’s eye view of organizational talent opens the door for associates to work on special projects, participate in learning opportunities, and make connections across the organization that weren’t previously possible.

Using Quantum Workplace’s technology allowed Valet Living to shine a spotlight on a diverse set of candidates that previously fell through the cracks. Aspire gives managers insights into their associates that weren’t previously available. With the efficiencies gained, leaders can be more strategic and add value to performance and growth conversations.

Because of Aspire, 65% of associates worked with their managers to establish their career goals. And that’s not all. Since launching, 103 associates have been promoted or transitioned into new positions as part of their new career trajectories. And, on average, it takes nine fewer days to fill an open role. 

One of the most notable features of Aspire is the ability for leaders to see each employee's readiness factor through Quantum Workplace. Management can use this score to determine when an employee might be ready for the next step on the career ladder and what they might need to reach that milestone. 

By focusing on smaller increments of 12 months, Valet Living can accurately assess a candidate's readiness and evaluate the effectiveness of development plans, thereby holding managers accountable for growth coaching.

By implementing these changes, Valet Living has fostered a culture of growth and opportunity. Associates actively contribute to their career development goals, while managers embrace their roles as growth coaches. This approach, coupled with Quantum Workplace’s reporting and insights, has significantly improved internal mobility and helps ensure associates are well-prepared to step into internal positions, surpassing the advantages of external candidates.

“We built an employee encyclopedia—guiding leaders who might be ripe for a project or role,” says Davies.

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