felt that someone at work cares about them as a person


agreed that everyone is treated fairly


trusted that the Senior Leadership Team had the best interest of Sendero in mind when making decisions

The Company

Sendero, meaning “path” in Spanish, lives up to its name and aim: to help clients plot the surest and fastest way to hit their goals. 

Sendero Consulting adopts a “best people, best delivery” approach to drive significant value, impact, and results for a broad range of clients. Powered by a high-performance team, they aim to propel organizations forward in the quickest and smartest way.  

The results? Improved processes, increased efficiencies, and fundamental transformation that yields long-term results for various clients across the country. As a sign of that continued growth, they announced the launch of three new geographic markets—Austin, Nashville, and Phoenix—in 2022.

The Challenges

The lockdowns and other pandemic restrictions during the last two years presented a unique set of challenges for Sendero Consulting as they guided their workforce, which was spread out across the country, in the pivot to a remote work environment. The company understood that some employees might experience a sense of isolation, while others could feel uncertain about their future and job security.

Sendero Consulting realized that the best way forward was to implement a robust plan to navigate the twists and turns of 2020-2021. More critically, the entire organization had to weather the storms together. So they set out to involve employees in a large, phased Organizational Change Management (OCM) initiative. 

“We knew we wanted to utilize our Quantum Workplace tools where possible to gather appropriate information and feedback to inform those plans and initiatives. Additionally, we planned to leverage Quantum Workplace to measure our effectiveness throughout.”  

The Solution

Sendero Consulting relied on key features in the Quantum Workplace platform to acknowledge and address employee needs and bring everyone together through the toughest, darkest times of the last two years. 

In March 2020, they kickstarted a weekly email from the CEO. It was so well-received by employees that Sendero Consulting has kept this going on a monthly cadence.  

The company also leveraged Quantum Workplace’s Feedback and Survey tools to regularly check in with their people and gather their thoughts and opinions. This included a Pandemic Pulse Survey that was used to gauge reactions to the company’s pandemic management initiatives and whether employees felt connected to the company and supported in their goals and work-life balance

The data also helped steer Sendero’s Return-to-Workplace taskforce, which was created to help keep employees safe, align with clients’ plans and their impacts on employees, evaluate and monitor official pandemic-related guidelines, and steer proactive communication with employees to provide time for personal planning. Furthermore, the taskforce launched the Return to the Workplace Pulse Survey on Quantum Workplace to gather employee feedback on the reopening of their offices. They included Quantum Workplace’s best practice questions to help refine the processes and procedures on optimizing office space.  

Sendero's Annual Employee Survey had always been an important tool to track benchmarks like favorability and satisfaction, and they kept up that tradition. They shifted the survey to Quantum Workplace, which gave them valuable insights and data on employee satisfaction and let them check if they were meeting expectations.  

“Comments were colored by the pandemic, and most notably, our favorability rating was up 7% from 2019. In fact, almost all our scores were higher from the previous year on that survey, proving that our employee satisfaction was still intact.”   

Sendero also worked on a post-lockdown Next Normal plan that, besides preparing the company to resume regular operations, emphasized employee engagement, recognition, and retention. Their 2021 Annual Employee Survey showed that employees were excited to have made the transition into the Next Normal phase, with a 6% increase on the question, “I have seen positive change(s) in response to the last survey.” 

Sendero Consulting continues to leverage Quantum Workplace to keep a pulse on employee sentiment and how they are adjusting to the changes. The company utilizes the Quantum Workplace platform to: 

  • Establish communication touchpoints for employees to give their feedback on workflow changes and organizational initiatives, as well as to measure the effectiveness of plans 
  • Keep a pulse on employee sentiments through surveys to ensure that their plans are on track to meet their needs and help them reach their goals 
  • Give recognition to fellow employees and to keep employees motivated and feeling connected to the company 

“This survey’s results further validated that people were reacting positively to our change approach. This progress would not have been possible without the data that we had garnered from our Quantum Workplace tools.”    


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