The Company

South Carolina Federal Credit Union isn't just a financial institution; it's a community built on trust and empowerment. With a focus on providing a remarkable employee experience, South Carolina Federal Credit Union has set itself apart in the financial services industry. Founded on principles of care and service, South Carolina Federal Credit Union continuously strives to enhance its culture and employee engagement. 

Challenges Faced

Like many organizations, South Carolina Federal Credit Union encountered challenges in improving employee engagement, connection, and retention. The need to enhance the employee experience became apparent as the organization grew. Additionally, collecting and analyzing employee feedback in a proactive and efficient manner became a priority. 

Opportunities Seized

Recognizing the importance of employee feedback and engagement, South Carolina Federal Credit Union saw an opportunity to leverage Quantum Workplace tools to address these challenges head-on. By implementing a robust employee listening strategy, South Carolina Federal Credit Union aimed to retain top talent, build stronger relationships with employees, and enhance the overall employee experience.  

Solutions Implemented and Tangible Results Achieved 

To execute their Employee Listening Strategy effectively, South Carolina Federal Credit Union developed a comprehensive suite of pulse surveys, covering various touchpoints in the employee lifecycle. These included surveys to gauge the Candidate Experience, Onboarding Experience, Training Experience, 90-day Talkback, 6-Month Survey, and Exit Survey, along with an Internal Exit Survey. Each survey played a crucial role in assessing different stages of the employee journey, from recruitment to offboarding. 

The Candidate and Onboarding surveys provided valuable insights into areas of improvement within the recruitment process and the initial days of employment, ensuring that new hires received a consistent and positive experience from the outset. Leveraging Quantum Workplace's analytics tools, South Carolina Federal Credit Union conducted theme analysis, sentiment analytics, and heat map analysis to gain a deeper understanding of employee feedback. These insights enabled them to identify trends and develop targeted strategies for improvement. 

Access Settings were configured to provide survey access to all levels of management, allowing managers to access engagement levels, demographic filters, and benchmarking data. This facilitated a data-driven approach to decision-making, empowering managers to act on feedback effectively. Additionally, the Action Planning tool enabled South Carolina Federal Credit Union to create action items around high-impact areas identified through the Employee Listening Survey, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and engagement throughout the organization. 

"This has been the most productive and actionable intelligence we have ever had. The surveys provide an impactful perspective on the employee experience. We use the survey feedback as early warnings, which allows us to find ways to support new employees. We don't settle for mediocrity, so having this tool has given us an opportunity to take the most appropriate actions to enhance training, connection, and leadership development." -Kevin Kosco, Senior VP, Sales & Service 

The impact of these initiatives was significant. All new hires now experience a consistent onboarding process, thanks to the improvements made by South Carolina Federal Credit Union. Employees are better informed about credit union news and initiatives, with the ELS logo signaling their feedback in action. Direct communication from senior leaders via video has shifted employees' perspectives on critical organizational topics. 

Moreover, manager effectiveness and team dynamics have seen notable improvements. Personalized feedback conversations empower employees to communicate more effectively with their managers and teammates, fostering a culture of empathy and inclusion. This approach has led to a reduction in administrative burden, allowing South Carolina Federal Credit Union to focus more on taking action from feedback rather than solely analyzing it. 

"We knew that collecting feedback would be impactful and that we would have stronger data and analytics. We didn't, however, expect the level of connection that this resource would bring. It increased trust and opened the door for powerful, transparent conversations with employees as they relate to cross-departmental relationships." - Zoë Watkins, HR Partner at South Carolina Federal Credit Union 

The impact is not just quantitative but also qualitative. As Zoë Watkins, HR Partner at South Carolina Federal Credit Union, states, "One of our biggest impacts – the human connection with employees – is immeasurable. Employees truly feel seen, heard, and valued now in our organization, much more so than before." This deepened sense of connection has strengthened employee engagement and loyalty, driving positive outcomes for the organization as a whole. 

With an overall employee response rate of 89%, significantly higher than industry averages, South Carolina Federal Credit Union has demonstrated the effectiveness of its employee engagement initiatives. This not only provides a substantial return on investment but also underscores the organization's commitment to creating a workplace where employees thrive and contribute to its continued success. 

"We have a notion at South Carolina Federal Credit Union that feedback is a gift! New employee lifecycle surveys have materialized and are critically important to retaining employees, especially in a post-pandemic world. Furthermore, the Employee Listening Survey (ELS) gives us the vehicle to collect feedback and provides actionable insights tied to communication and connection. We now have an ELS seal/stamp that we place on communications so employees will know the source of the question/feedback and that their voice made a huge difference!" -Leslie Norris, CHRO 

What's Next for South Carolina Federal Credit Union? 

Looking ahead, South Carolina Federal Credit Union is committed to further developing its Best Place to Work culture. By focusing on areas of opportunity highlighted in their Employee Listening Survey, South Carolina Federal Credit Union aims to enhance the employee experience and reduce turnover rates. With Quantum Workplace as a trusted partner, South Carolina Federal Credit Union continues its journey towards creating a workplace where employees feel valued, heard, and empowered. 

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