3% Decrease

in turnover

8 out of 10

employees find performance conversations valuable

8 percentage point

increase in highly engaged employees

The Company

As the leading global provider of enterprise software and information solutions for project-based businesses, Deltek is known for being an innovative and agile tech company.

After numerous acquisitions and organic growth, the company climbed to over 3,000 employees across the world. It became apparent that its traditional performance review was no longer enough for its changing workplace. Deltek’s model of continuous growth needed a nimble performance management solution that could scale with the company, provide clarity and consistency, and elevate employee and business success.

The Challenge

Deltek knew that its traditional, annual review process couldn’t support its growth trajectory, and data from the company’s engagement survey confirmed that it was time to modernize the way manager-employee conversations were happening.

Employees felt that existing performance conversations were a "check-the-box" exercise. They weren’t getting the meaningful conversations they deserved and needed.

Initially, managers were guided to increase frequency of performance conversations, but they could determine the structure on their own. Lisa Roberts, Sr. Director of Diversity and Inclusion, described the process as “create the format and system that works for your business.” Although conversations were happening more regularly, the new process lacked consistency and HR had no visibility into what types of conversations managers were having and the effectiveness of those conversations. Quantum Workplace research shows that 42% of managers don’t know how to have effective development conversations1—something that Deltek was experiencing as well.

Leveraging employee feedback, the company decided to modernize its strategy. They needed a performance management solution that could provide more consistency and best practices for performance conversations.

The Solution

Driven by employee feedback, Deltek launched Quantum Workplace’s 1-on-1s tool to facilitate consistent, transparent, and meaningful manager and employee conversations. The software, which has received a 100% ease-of-use implementation rating2, was quick and easy to launch for Deltek.


“Quantum Workplace meets all of the needs we were trying to accomplish,”
said Roberts.

Renewing the company’s focus on career development, Quantum Workplace’s performance solution is empowering Deltek employees to invest in their careers by having productive, ongoing conversations with their managers. Roberts and the HR team also now have the visibility they need to hold their leaders accountable and help coach them along the way.

As Deltek has experienced continuous growth, Quantum Workplace has scaled with Deltek, customizing one-on-one templates and conversation cadences for business units and departments. The new performance management approach supports the company’s people and growth strategy, which in turn, allows the company to better serve its customers and ensure the success of its business.


“As we receive the feedback, and see the usage continue, we know it is working," said Roberts. "We’ve seen an increase in employee engagement.”

Deltek uses Quantum Workplace's Employee Engagement and Performance Solutions to:
  • Understand employee perceptions on performance management at Deltek
  • Improve ineffective and inconsistent performance management practices
  • Streamline manager-employee one-on-one conversations
  • Increase HR visibility to manager-employee conversations to support coaching and development

    1. quantumworkplace.com/winning-approach-to-employee-success

    2. This statement is derived from Quantum Workplace’s 2021 Customer Experience Survey.

8 out of 10 employees

feel goals and accountabilities are clear

7 percentage point increase

for “The company makes investments that enable me to be more successful.”


organic 1-on-1s launched in one year

We want employees to know we hear them and we value them—that's one of the biggest reasons we selected Quantum Workplace.

Lisa Roberts
Sr. Director of Diversity and Inclusion

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