The Company

Benesch, a multidisciplinary engineering and professional services firm, is known for delivering client-centric solutions for the nation’s infrastructure and communities.    

Guided by an unwavering commitment to integrity, quality, and innovation, Benesch's culture nurtures collaboration and the continual development of its technical and professional staff. The company has been broadening its expertise and service capabilities since its founding in 1946, successfully establishing itself as one of the Top 500 design firms in the country as ranked by ENR. 

Benesch and its employees are routinely recognized for both their project work and dedication to fostering employee engagement and empowerment. The company has received accolades and recognition from notable organizations including the American Council of Engineering Companies, the American Society of Civil Engineers, Engineering News-Record and now, Quantum Workplace.

The Challenges

In 2020, Benesch embarked on an exciting journey of transformation under new leadership. Employee engagement, performance, recognition, and learning and development became key parts of the company's business strategies and objectives. However, this transformative period coincided with the pandemic, presenting a distinctive set of challenges.

With its employees previously spread across dozens of offices in various states, Benesch faced the daunting task of transitioning to a hybrid work model that would lead to a huge percentage of employees working at least partially from home. This required a carefully crafted approach to employee engagement, one that would instill a sense of unity and shared purpose among the company's newly dispersed workforce. 

At the same time, Benesch's rapid growth and service line expansion underscored the critical importance of continued employee engagement.

The Solution

By leveraging Quantum Workplace's employee listening and performance management tools, Benesch has successfully cultivated a culture centered on growth and inclusivity. In 2021, Benesch initiated the first of its engagement surveys powered by Quantum Workplace.  While the company had utilized other engagement survey tools in the past, Quantum Workplace helped bridge the gap between employees and leadership. This enabled the organization to make meaningful changes and improvements across a variety of development programs and resources.

By 2023, the company was able to compare two years of data, gaining deeper insights into the evolving needs and desires of its employees. Quantum Workplace's robust reporting and analytics allowed Benesch to delve into its survey results, segmenting data by regions, demographics, and teams. This granular analysis uncovered vital insights on diversity and inclusion, pay equity, learning and development, recognition, and performance measurement. 

Managers at Benesch have direct access to these analytics, empowering them to create and communicate actionable goals that resonate with their team, enhancing managerial effectiveness and driving swift improvements.

To maximize employee impact, Benesch seamlessly integrates its strategic goals into Quantum Workplace’s employee goal management software. This allows every employee to map out a career path that aligns with team, division, region, and organizational goals. Top performers are identified through 1-on-1s and talent reviews, and subsequently placed in leadership development programs.  

“We utilize talent assessment reports for succession planning efforts. This wouldn't have been possible without Quantum Workplace's success team and tools.” 

Benesch also leverages the Quantum Workplace platform for 1-on-1 performance conversations. These discussions set the tone for giving and receiving feedback, enabling empowering dialogues between employees and managers. Attention to detail is key: employees are well-prepared, and managers receive training on coaching, feedback, and goal alignment, alongside consistent messaging from leaders on the significance of constructive performance conversations.

In 2022, with the support of their Quantum Workplace Insights Analyst, Benesch's leadership team began sharing survey results with employees. This approach fostered collective accountability for employee success and led to the timely launch of employee-centric engagement and performance management programs. 

“Custom Surveys and 1:1 cycles help us monitor employee responses to new programs at crucial moments in their employee journey. We can quickly address concerns, contributing to the success of many new initiatives.”

Powered by Quantum Workplace, everyone at Benesch contributes to driving employee success. Amidst rapid growth in a hybrid environment, Benesch is nurturing a dynamic culture of employee listening and engagement.

“Our hiring metrics show reduced turnover and increased retention. Employee engagement scores, particularly around training and development, are on the rise. Participation in our engagement teams and employee resource groups have increased, supporting internal talent acquisition.” 

Julie Melidis, Director of Learning and Development  

Benesch leverages Quantum Workplace’s employee success tools to: 

•    Strengthen engagement and culture within a distributed and rapidly growing workforce  
•    Know and grow the organization’s talent pool through ongoing performance conversations and coaching  
•    Gather and act on employee feedback to drive individual, team, and business success  

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