2.3% Increase

in revenue contribution per employee

9.8% & 4.9% Increase

in KPI attainment for Sales and Operations teams, respectively

25.1% Increase

in headcount year over year

The Company

Operating in 42 states and employing 6,700 individuals nationwide, Valet Living is a pioneer for the professional services industry.

As Valet Waste, the company perfected the door-to-door trash service in the residential living industry. But now as Valet Living, its expanded into a full concierge service—providing services like taking dogs on walks, delivering packages, and picking up dry cleaning. As the only nationally-recognized full-service amenities provider to the multifamily housing industry, Valet Living is setting the benchmarks and standards that are universally recognized in the industry. 

The Challenges

Getting performance management right. That was the first item on Nicole Davies’ agenda when she started as Valet Living’s first VP of Learning, Talent, and Performance. Described as a “27-year-old start-up,” Davies entered an organization that had zero structure, programs, or support for employee performance. Serving 1.5 million doors through their concierge service with 6,700 employees nationwide, Davies’ mission was to create a new and exciting way of streamlining performance management that aligned with the organization’s employee engagement efforts and kept its rapidly growing, dispersed workforce engaged.

With 6,000 of its employees being part-time and remote, schedules are sporadic. Valet Living has an estimated two hours per day to engage with its part-time workforce, so Davies knew the company needed an optimized performance management strategy to deliver HR content that
could educate and motivate employees in a short window of time.


“We have such a limited opportunity to connect with them. We need to be able to deliver anything we do with them in the flow of work, which includes our engagement survey,” Davies says.


Valet Living uses its own mobile app to communicate company information with its employees that allows employees to complete their day-today responsibilities. But Davies and Valet Living were searching for a way to expand its employee engagement and performance management practices and motivate employee productivity in the same way.

The Solution


“You had me at hello with regards to one-on one conversations.”


Davies knew once she saw Quantum Workplace’s one-on-one tool that it was the flexible performance management solution Valet Living needed. In the winter of 2018, Valet Living implemented the one-on-one tool to present a new, exciting, and efficient way to engage full-time and part-time employees through frequent micro-burst conversations.

Using Quantum Workplace’s one-on-one tool, Valet Living’s managers and associates have monthly conversations that fit within the flow of their work. Characterized as a feed-forward process centered around internal goals, associates have conversations about what they want to accomplish over the next 30 days.


“Employees really value, honor, understand, and appreciate the power of having written and personal conversations each month,” says Davies.


Built into the process is the message to associates that they matter, she says. It’s a two-way conversation about what success looks like for that employee’s specific role, and it provides employees with an opportunity to raise questions and talk about how they feel about the work they’re doing.

A quick, seamless, and effective implementation of the one-on-ones tool has allowed Valet Living to expand its performance management practices and leverage more of Quantum Workplace’s suite, including Talent Reviews to make more strategic, proactive talent decisions.

Valet Living uses Quantum Workplace's full platform to:
  • Identify, engage, and retain talented individuals at every stage of the talent pipeline and employee lifecycle
  • Acknowledge and leverage the individual strengths of its employees
  • Link performance management efforts to employee engagement initiatives to keep a workforce of 6,700 employees engaged in their work
  • Allow employees to learn and develop within the flow of their day-to-day responsibilities


of associates had a conversation in the first month of implementing one-on-ones


average monthly participation in one-on-ones


participation in Quantum Workplace's Talent Reviews solution
Nicole Davies from Valet Living
Valet Living, as far as I'm concerned, is a Quantum Workplace customer for life.

Nicole Davies
VP of Talent Optimization
Valet Living

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