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Salute, a leading name in the Professional Services industry, is renowned for its commitment to excellence and innovation. Salute specializes in delivering mission-critical infrastructure solutions to clients globally. Founded on a bedrock of integrity, collaboration, and relentless pursuit of excellence, Salute has continually pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in the digital infrastructure space. 

Challenges Faced: Bridging the Performance Gap

Salute embarked on a challenge to bridge the disconnect between measuring employee performance objectively and understanding its correlation with organizational success. Historically, the reliance on qualitative performance evaluation methods left a void in quantifying the strength of their workforce. Moreover, Salute offers a diverse workface and saw the need to have a cohesive employee engagement program. They wanted to avoid siloed experiences, which can lead to employees struggling to grasp the organization’s value proposition and their role in delivering it. 

Opportunities Seized: Crafting a Culture of Engagement 

Amidst the challenges lay the opportunity to redefine how Salute approached employee performance and engagement. Recognizing the need for a more data-driven approach, Salute embarked on a journey to implement a comprehensive employee success strategy. This strategy, dubbed Passport to Success, aimed to identify and align performance factors across twelve job families, fostering a culture of continuous feedback and recognition. By integrating performance measurement, goal setting, feedback, and recognition, Salute sought to empower its workforce and drive organizational success from within. 

Solutions Implemented and Tangible Results Achieved 

Upon partnering with Quantum Workplace, Salute leveraged a range of tools and services to address their challenges and drive tangible results. The company transitioned to Quantum Workplace as its survey provider, enabling them to conduct an annual employee engagement survey, an exit survey, and a general engagement activity survey. This provided Salute with deeper insights into their workforce. With Quantum Workplace's analytics and interpretation, Salute gained a comprehensive view of their organization, identifying areas of strength and improvement. 

Specifically, Salute utilized Quantum Workplace's survey tools to understand employee sentiment, gather feedback, and measure engagement levels. The analytics generated from these surveys empowered Salute to make data-driven decisions to enhance the overall employee experience. Moreover, the implementation of post-event surveys for town halls and leadership sessions allowed Salute to gather real-time feedback for prompt adjustments and improvements. 

Salute facilitated the implementation of new initiatives aimed at addressing employee needs and enhancing the workplace culture. Programs such as the Career Launch Pad were developed in response to employee feedback on career growth and development. Change management and communication plans were effectively executed to ensure all employees were informed about these initiatives through various channels, including company intranet, newsletters, management meetings, and quarterly town halls. 

Salute witnessed a positive work environment shift as a result of these strategies. Employees expressed greater trust in leadership, felt more valued and recognized, and experienced improved communication channels. These changes not only enhanced employee morale but also fostered a more collaborative and supportive workplace culture, ultimately contributing to a decrease in regrettable attrition and significant cost savings for the organization. 

Ryan Buhk, Executive Vice President of Human Resources for Salute, expressed his enthusiasm for the transformative impact of Quantum Workplace, stating, “I'm thrilled to share just how much Quantum Workplace has revolutionized the way we do things around here. It's been a game-changer, really. Thanks to comprehensive employee surveys powered by Quantum, we've gained greater insights into what our team members feel and think. This has been a goldmine of information, helping us fine-tune our performance management and create a culture where continuous improvement and accountability are at the forefront."  


What's Next for Salute? 

Looking ahead, Salute remains committed to leveraging Quantum Workplace to drive organizational excellence. Their top objectives include creating immersive learning experiences, reducing annual attrition rates, and enhancing employee net promoter scores. With Quantum Workplace as their trusted partner, Salute is poised to embark on the next phase of their journey towards unprecedented success. 

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